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  2013 Men's Elite    
tl 2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men's Elite Champions tr
  2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men's Elite Champions: All Out
Men's Elite: All Out
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tl Day 4 - July 7th Report tr
  Championship Bracket

Championship Game:
All Out 16, Lacrossewear 15 (2 OT) - scoresheet
Lacrossewear got out of the gates hot and was leading 7-2 midway through the second quarter. All Out was able to stop the bleeding as they narrowed the gap to 8-5 by halftime. The teams traded goals in the third quarter, but with four seconds left before the end of the period, All Out converted on a fast break to further narrow the lead to 11-9.

All Out would use the momentum of the late goal and came out firing in the fourth tying the game when Tournament MVP Nick Ossello (Notre Dame ’15) won a faceoff and scored a two point goal on the ensuing fast break. All Out took their first lead with under three minutes left in the fourth quarter and tried to kill the clock for the remaining few minutes. After an exciting defensive series to get the ball back, Lacrossewear’s Kieran McArdel (St. John’s ’14) tied the game with 44 seconds left in regulation.

In the first overtime (non-sudden-death), All Out looked like it would be the victor after Billy Ward (Syracuse ’14) scored first, but Lacrossewear’s Reilly O’Connor (Georgetown ’15) put home a game- tying goal with less than two seconds left to stay alive. In the second overtime (sudden-death), All Out’s Billy Ward scored the game winning goal just twenty seconds in after Nick Ossello won the faceoff.

3rd Place
Brine Elite 12, Big Green Herd 5 - scoresheet
Brine won over BGH by possessing the ball and taking the lead early with five goals to BGH’s two. Brine kept their lead by scoring seven goals in the second half.

5th Place
Adrenaline Tropics 13, Rocky Mountain Oysters 7 - scoresheet
Robby Grabher of the Tropics dominated the face offs the entire game. The Oysters did manage to score a behind-the-back goal in the last seconds of the game.

7th Place
Millennium Lacrosse 9, Denver City Lax / StyLax 8 - scoresheet
Millennium started off slow, but picked up the pace in the second half just enough to get the win. Tills of Millennium played goalie, won the face off and scored a goal.

Consolation Bracket
FCA 15, LOFers 6 - scoresheet

11rd Place
Jammin’ Salmon 15, Southern Combat 2 - scoresheet

13th Place
True Lacrosse 7, Crease Beavers 6 - scoresheet

15th Place
Team TAMA 14, Warrior X 4 - scoresheet
Team TAMA dominated in this great game.  There were some interesting face offs.  Warrior had some excellent team face offs but just couldn’t catch up with Team TAMA.

Other Games
Team Gutman 10, Colorado Mavs 5 - scoresheet
Minnesota Chill 11, Prestige Lacrosse 5 - scoresheet
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  Final Standings

1st: All Out
2nd: Lacrossewear
3rd: Brine Elite
4th: Big Green Herd
5th: Adrenaline Tropics
6th: Rocky Mountain Oysters
7th: Millennium Lacrosse
8th: Denver City Lax / StyLax
9th: FCA
10th: LOFers
11th: Jammin’ Salmon
12th: Southern Combat
13th: True Lacrosse
14th: Crease Beavers
15th: Team TAMA
16th: Warrior X
17th: Gutman
18th: Minnesota Chill
19th: Prestige Lacrosse
20th: Colorado Mavs

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  Photos from Sunday, July 7th, 2013 by Clark Bell
Action Action Action Action
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tl Day 3 - July 2nd Report tr

Offensive MVP - Nick Ossello - All Out
Defensive MVP - Bobby Tait - All Out
High Scorer - Colin Reegan - Lacrossewear

Kieran McArdle - Lacrossewear
Grant Whiteway - Brine Elite
Todd Heritage - Big Green Herd
Billy Ward - All Out

Colin Dunster - Lacrossewear
Nick Ossello - All Out
Ryan Danehy - Brine Elite
Rob Guida - Lacrossewear

Ryder Henry - Adrenaline Tropics
Austin Konkel - All Out
Goran Murray - Lacrossewear

Kevin Massa - Lacrossewear

Mike Pelligrino - Lacrossewear

Mike Novosel - Big Green Herd

US Lacrosse – Keeper of Lacrosse Award
Jim Carboneau - Chief Official

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tl Day 3 - July 6th Report tr
  Championship Bracket
All Out 15, Brine Elite 13 - scoresheet
All Out dominated the first half, but Brine went on a fourth quarter run with two big two pointers. The goals, however, just weren’t enough to steal the win. All Out’s Billy Ward led the way to victory with three goals and three assists.

Lacrossewear 16, Big Green Herd 15 (OT) - scoresheet

5th Place Bracket
Adrenaline Tropics 19, Denver City Lax / StyLax 15 - scoresheet
The game was mostly controlled by the Tropics. Every time it looked like City Lax was making a comeback the Tropics pulled away with quick goals. The Tropics face-off man Robby Grabher made the win possible.

Rocky Mountain Oysters 19, Millennium Lacrosse 18 - scoresheet

Consolation Bracket
FCA True Lacrosse 12, Jammin' Salmon 8 - scoresheet
The game started off with a battle to take the lead. During the second quarter, FCA dominated the play of the game, firing accurate shots, winning ground ball battles, and putting four quarters together. FCA had many good connections and teamwork for all goals.

LOFers 12, Southern Combat 10 - scoresheet
In this exciting game, Southern Combat dominated on face offs. Davie of the Beavers had great shots and two goals to make it a closer game.

13th Place Bracket
Crease Beavers 13, Team TAMA 11 - scoresheet

True Lacrosse 17, Warrior X 8 - scoresheet
True Lacrosse dominated in this action-packed game. They outshot Warrior X 56 to 29 and finished with more than double their score.

Other Games
Prestige Lacrosse 13, Colorado Mavs 7 - scoresheet
Prestige came out with their first win of the weekend over Colorado Mavs. Jamie McClintock domination on the face offs and Adam Hughes’s four goals really made the difference.

Team Gutman 8, Minnesota Chill 7 - scoresheet
This was a close, physical game with frequent possession changes. At the end of the first half, the game was tied 4-4, but in the end, Gutman pulled ahead with one goal over the Chill.
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  Photos from Saturday, July 6th, 2013 by Clark Bell
Action Action Action Action
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tl Day 2 - July 5th Report tr
  Championship Bracket Quarterfinals
Big Green Herd 11, Denver City Lax / StyLax 5 - scoresheet
Big Green Herd jumped out to an early 3-1 Lead and City Lax never managed to really get going. City Lax suffered from poor shooting accuracy and a few too many turnovers. The Herd played a very unselfish brand of lacrosse with eight different goal scorers.

Brine Elite 16, Millennium Lacrosse 15 - scoresheet
It was a nail biter from start to finish. Brine Elite’s Ryan Danehy scored a 2-point goal with four minutes left to steal the game for Brine. Bailey Tills was a bright spot for Millennium with five goals.

Lacrossewear 16, Adrenaline Tropics 8 - scoresheet
A close and hard fought game until the second half, Lacrossewear only allowed one second half goal en route to the win. Lacrossewear’s faceoff man Kevin Massa went 21-25, giving Lacrossewear the majority of possessions. A 2-point goal from Ryan Tucker solidified the 2nd half rally from Lacrossewear. Kieran McArdle led the scoring with three goals and one assist.

All Out 15, Rocky Mountain Oysters 12 - scoresheet
The teams battled hard in this close game. The Oysters took a 9-8 lead into half time, but All Out locked down its defense in the third quarter not allowing a goal. All Out won 20 of 30 faceoffs and cleared with great efficiency converting on all but six attempts on the day.

Consolation Bracket Quarterfinals
FCA 18, Warrior X 3 - scoresheet

LOFers 16, Team TAMA 10 - scoresheet
Team TAMA was up 10-9 going into the fourth quarter, but the LOFers ran off with game and scored seven goals to TAMA’s zero in the final frame. LOFers went six for six on faceoffs and outshot TAMA 16 to 3 in the last period.

Jammin’ Salmon 14, True Lacrosse 13 - scoresheet
In this very intense game, the score was close throughout. With two seconds left in the game, Bobby Dewees scored the winning goal for Jammin’ Salmon.

Southern Combat 10, Crease Beavers 5 - scoresheet

Other Games
Minnesota Chill 16, Colorado Mavs 11 - scoresheet
Both the Colorado Mavs and the Minnesota Chill showed up for a competitive battle, but the Chill’s offensive domination made the difference, with 61 shots to the Mav’s 29.

Team Gutman 17, Prestige Lacrosse 5 - scoresheet
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  Photos from Friday, July 5th, 2013 by Clark Bell
Action Action Action Action
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tl Day 1 - July 4th Report tr
  Play-In Games
Adrenaline Tropics 16, Colorado Mavs 8 - scoresheet
Team Tama 10, Minnesota Chill 8 - scoresheet
All Out 18, Team Gutman 4 - scoresheet
Millenium Lax 20, Prestige Lacrosse 2 - scoresheet

Championship Bracket - First Round
Denver City Lax / StyLax 20, LOFers 9 - scoresheet
Brine Elite 26, Warrior X 9 - scoresheet
Adrenaline Tropics 14, Southern Combat 3 - scoresheet
Big Green Herd 22, Team Tama 8 - scoresheet
Rocky Mountain Oysters 15, True Lacrosse 10 - scoresheet
Lacrossewear 18, Crease Beavers 2 - scoresheet
All Out 16, Jammin' Salmon 14 - scoresheet
Jammin’ Salmon and All Out battled to the end in this tight game. All Out started the game off strong in the first quarter leading 8-2. Jammin’ Salmon rallied in the second quarter to close the gap. Jammin’ Salmon’s goalie Chris Selva had a great game with 19 saves, but couldn’t stop All Out from taking the win.
Millenium Lax 14, FCA 12 - scoresheet
It was a back and forth battle between FCA and Millennium. Going into the last two minutes of the game tied 12-12 Seyer Skudneski of Millennium launched a two-point rocket, assisted by Dave Hovey.
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  Photos from Thursday, July 4th, 2013 by Clark Bell
Action Action Action Action
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See the Rosters

tl 2013 Divisional Preview tr
  by Garrett Fitzgeral

Let's talk about lacrosse "hotbeds", shall we? For years, the Vail Lacrosse Shootout was Colorado’s only claim to fame when talking about this great sport. Well no longer is that the case my friends . . . Colorado has knocked down the door and stepped into true lacrosse relevancy.

The Denver Outlaws draw, by far, the largest crowds in the MLL. Gary Gait has said, “There is nothing better than playing in front of 18,000+ Mammoth fans.” The University of Denvermade its way to the Division I Final Four for the second time in three years, Colorado College earned a bid to the Division III National Tournament. The MCLA Division I Championship game pitted the University of Colorado against Colorado State, with CSU claiming victory and capping off an undefeated season.

Whoops almost forgot—does anyone know who is hosting the FIL World Championships Games in 2014? Yep, that would be Denver too….

So, by now you must be wondering why I’m tooting the CO horn this loudly during the Men’s Elite preview. Well, because so many of the wonderful accomplishments mentioned above have, at least in part, a foundation that includes the Vail Lacrosse Shootout. The great men that had a crazy idea to start a lacrosse tournament in the mountains 41 years ago deserve a bit of credit for making Colorado lacrosse what it is today. You, yes you…you honor them, the sport, and this state by participating in the Vail Lacrosse Shootout. Thank you for being here.

On to this year’s Men’s Elite Field - 2012 runner up and 2011 champion Lacrossewear brings back a stacked roster to the Vail Valley. Lacrossewear is the odds on favorite to take home the 41st Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men’s Elite Championship. The second seed, local boys -- The Rocky Mountain Oysters have made four straight final four appearances, possess just as much experience as any team in this tournament and will be extremely dangerous. Brine Elite made a surprise run to the final four last year and with a strong Navy connection are the third seed in 2013. Rounding out the top four is Denver City Lax/ Stylax, a team that always brings big names, look for them to play good two-way ball.

From the rest of the field, returning teams The Big Green Herd, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Lacrosse, and Jammin’ Salmon powered by the Lax Shop all too couldmake a splash.

Team Gutman will apparently be donning some sweet threads, so if you’re a uniform junkie, be on the lookout for those. In addition, returning to the tournament are the Southern Combat Americans, the LOFers, Warrior X, True Lacrosse, the Crease Beavers, and Prestige Lacrosse.

New teams for 2013 to keep an eye on are All Out—bringing what seems like every DI player to come out of Colorado in the last few years and Millennium Lacrosse led by tournament veteran Sam Hovey. Other new squads are the Adrenalin Tropics, MN Chill, Team Tama and Colorado Mavs.

Something new for this year, pretournament odds: (Please note: these were made prior to finalized rosters so really not meaningful at all, are just for fun and because why the heck not?)

5/1—Rocky Mountain Oysters
8/1—Brine Elite
9/1—Denver City Lax/StyLax
9/1—The Big Green Herd
15/1—Jammin’ Salmon powered by the Lax Shop
20/1—All Out
25/1—Millennium Lacrosse Club
30/1—Southern Combat Americans
35/1—Warrior X
35/1—The LOFers
40/1—True Lacrosse
50/1—Adrenalin Tropics
50/1—MN Chill
50/1—Crease Beavers
50/1—Team Gutman
75/1—Prestige Lacrosse Club
75/1—Team Tama
100/1—Colorado Mavs

Now, everyone’s favorite part of the program — let’s meet the teams!
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Coach: Paul Landaiche Jr., Clark Mercer
Key Players: Austin Kaut (Goalie, Penn State, 2014); Goran Murray (Defense, Maryland, 2015); Mike Chanenchuk (Midfield, Maryland, 2014); Wells Stanwick (Attack, Johns Hopkins, 2016); Kieran McArdle (Attack, St. John's, 2014)
Team Preview: Lacrossewear is in its thirteenth Vail Shootout and has earned a reputation as one of the premier Men�s Elite teams in the nation. Lacrossewear's team consistently features many of the most highly skilled players in lacrosse, young men who are leaders on the field, in their classrooms and in their communities. The mission is always to have a consistent focus on community involvement and philanthropy in addition to athletic endeavors. Team Lacrossewear decided back in 2005 that it was time to expand the scope and the significance of their involvement in the Shootout by benefiting the American Cancer Society and organizations committed to finding a cure for breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer; they incorporate pink and purple in their uniforms, colors representing cancer awareness, as a visible reminder of their causes.With your support, they can continue their great efforts both on the field and in their local areas, highlighting the impact that we as individuals can have on everyday lives. As a team and with their partner organizations, Team Lacrossewear supports health and social services causes and research through contributing to the United Way, the American Cancer Society and with exposure in events such as the Vail Shootout. Each year is another step closer to a cure! The Team would like to thank their longtime partner at Lacrossewear, Bo Lamon, for his continued support and providing the highest quality apparel in the lacrosse industry. They would also like to thank Clark Mercer, whose Red Mountain Grill in Avon is the new destination for Men's and Women's Elite apr�s lax - with great food, 28 beers on tap and an outdoor patio, we know where the teams will be at sunset!

Coach/Organizer: Logan Bobzien
Key Players: Ben Brown (G: Whittier); Erik Smith (M F/O: Air Force); Will Corrigan (M: Notre Dame); Taylor Young (M: Denver); Ryan Parietti (A: Penn); Davis Gunter (D: Air Force); Hayden Porter (D: Colorado State)
Team Preview: The Oysters enter 2013 looking to build upon the success of recent years after taking 4th, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. The team's emotional leader, Ben Brown, is hungry for his first Vail title and anchors a defense heavy with big game experience including Hayden Porter and Davis Gunter. The Oysters in the past have been successful because of chemistry, and this year is no exception. Outside of Will Corrigan, starting midfielder at Notre Dame, all midfield and attack hail from the same area of Colorado and have been playing together since middle school. Craftiness, veteran tactics, Youngbloods, and high IQ are all a part of The Oysters game. The best description: family. The Oysters look forward to the great competition that Vail always attracts, and letting their play show the fans of the tournament what has made this team consistently one of the best.

Team Founder: LT Matt Keller � USNA 2009
Team Managers: Tom Keller (Williams �80)

Key Players: Ryan Danehy (Dartmouth �06), Randy Fraser (Springfield �90), Grant Whiteway (UMass �15), Connor Mooney (UMass �14), Mike Maggio (Lasell �09), Nick Maggio (Merrimack �12), Sam Mayes (Pheiffer �10), Mike Levin (Brown �04), Jimmy Harrison (Holy Cross �09)
Team Preview: This year�s Brine Elite squad will look to repeat its journey to the final four of the Men�s Elite Division. The rarified air of Vail left the team eager to compete for the title once again. Some of the best players to ever play in the BRINE Elite Summer Lacrosse League make up about half of the roster. The other half has a distinct Colorado flavoring. With this melting pot of lacrosse talent, the team really looks forward to the 4th of July and the Vail Shootout. Thanks go out to our sponsors for their continued support; BRINE, Party Time and the BRINE Elite Lacrosse League. Our thoughts and prayers are always with the people serving to protect our country, especially the members of Riverine Squadron 3, USN.

Coaches: Ben Allison
Key Players: Kyle Harrison, and Sam Bradman
Team Preview: Denver City Lax is back at the Shootout for a third year, and has assembled a talented team made up of current college players, recent graduates and professional players. These players consist of current and past college All-Americans, college Players of the Year, Tewaaraton nominees and winner, and Team USA, Canada, & England representatives. This group of ambassadors meet in Vail each summer to compete and support the mission of Denver City Lax, a sports based youth development non-profit focused on introducing the sport of lacrosse to under-served neighborhoods while teaching life values and the importance of education. We are excited to team up with our sponsor StyLax, the premier manufacturer of sublimated lacrosse uniforms and apparel anywhere. And a big shout out to both STX and the players for hosting a free clinic for City Lax kids in Denver before arriving in Vail. You are ambassadors for the sport and we appreciate you giving back to help grow the game in urban areas. We also want to thank the long list of volunteers and contributors whose ongoing support continues to fuel the numerous success stories of Denver City Lax kids on the field and in the classroom. Your time, donations and financial support are what�s made it possible to bring new opportunities to youth in the Denver metro area. For more information or to make a donation please visit our website at:

Coaches/Organizers: Ryan O�Connor, Brad Heritage
Key Players: Todd Heritage (A, Bucknell, 2014); Kyle Menendez (D, Stevenson, 2011); Jackson Place (D, Bucknell, 2014); Kyle Feeney (G, Bucknell, 2013), Mike Devine (M, Eastern Connecticut, 2014)
Team Preview: The Big Green Herd [BGH] is made up of a strong contingent of current and former players from Dartmouth College and Bucknell University, hence the team name. Beyond the members tied to those institutions, the BGH is rounded out with a very strong group of athletes who have excelled at all levels of the game. With an experienced and seasoned defense, led by savvy veterans Ryan O�Connor and Andrew Goodhand, and backstopped by net-minders Mike Novosel and Kyle Feeney, goals should be hard to come by against the Herd. Offensively, the BGH has very capable playmakers in attackmen Todd Heritage, Mike Bonacci, and Ronjohn Dadd, while the presence of Nick Bonacci, Peter Burke, Cam Lee, and Mike Devine from the midfield should put serious pressure on opposing defensive units. The BGH prides itself on making plays on and off the field, with hustle and camaraderie at the core of its approach. We�d like to thank the event organizers for their tireless work in putting the Shootout together and our friends/family for their support.

Coaches: Scott Hodgson and Josh Hoffman
Team Preview: Fellowship of Christian Athletes is made up of players from all over the country. FCA Lacrosse vision is to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. 2013 marks the 21st anniversary of the first FCA Lacrosse Team to compete in the Vail Shootout. FCA also competes in Vail at the U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19 levels. For more information check out


Coach: Al Klinger & Justin Porter
Key Players: Alex Love (A - Hobart College), Ty Thompson (A - Albany U), Lance Yapor (A - Hofstra), Mike Malave (M - Hofstra), Corey Thompson (M - Utica), Blaine Mitten (D - Loyola), Andrew Newbold (D - Sacred Heart), & Chris Selva (G - Hofstra)
Team Preview: The Jammin' Salmon are back, revamped, and ready for 2013! This years �school� is a mix of collegiate standouts and the return of some legends to add experience, as the �Fish� look to swim back into title contention! A high powered attack led by the nation�s 3rd leading scorer and All-American Alex Love; accompanied by Ty Thompson & Lance Yapor! A tough midfield of 2-Way players will scrap in-between the lines with new addition Mike Malave. The Fish will be anchored down-low with big fins; Andrew Newbold and the return of the Mittens! Special Thanks to our sponsors the LaxShop ( & TeamONE Lacrosse Co. ( - Chicago, IL for their support and generous donations!

Coaches: Brian Leistikow
Key Players: Joe Calvello (Middie, UMass), Connor Saller (Middie, UNC), Alex Devlin (Middie, CSU)
Team Preview: The Southern Combat Americans is made up of some of the best players from Colorado including a heavy contingent from the Fort Collins Unified teams of the past. The team also has players from Colorado State, UMass, and other Division 1,2,3, and MCLA teams. The team is looking to continue to improve upon its success from 2012 and 2011 and enjoy the Vail experience.

Coach and Organizer: Ted Baruch
Team Preview: The LOFers organizers and players from their Vail teams, hosted/staffed their 19th Annual Warrior Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree in June of 2013. The Lacrosse Outreach Foundation is a grass roots, volunteer based non-profit that has been supporting lacrosse in Colorado since 1994.

Coaches and Organizers: Tom Conrad, Craig Haynes
Key Players: Ryan Elliot (Goalie, UNC, 2014); Logan Chandler (Midfield, CSU, 2013); Sean Doyle (Attack, Bellarmine, 2010); Shane Andersen (Attack, Bellarmine, 2011)
Team Preview: These are Colorado Boys. Warrior X is made up primarily of Arapahoe High School Alumni (Centennial, Colorado) who played on the 2009 Colorado State 5A Championship Lacrosse team. The team is complemented with additional players from other premier Colorado programs of that era including Mullen, Mountain Vista and Cherry Creek. Many of the players have played with or against each other since grade school and continue to play with or against each other for CU, CSU and UNC, others are playing for Division I and Division III programs. Uniforms designed and produced by Breakaway Sports to honor the Warrior spirit in all Lacrosse Players.

Coaches and Organizers: Tom Wood, Ryan Covert (D - Derek Zoolander school for kids who can�t read good and want to do other things good too! #24)
Key Players: Mike Gabel (G - Vermont #9), Jake Deane (LSM/FOS - UMASS #17), Ryan Walsh (A - Colgate #43), Pat Campbell (A - Colgate #13), Mike Danylyshyn (A - Bucknell #42), LC Moerschel (M - Drexel #4), Zach Wood (M - Virginia #34), James Ravaret (M - Marquette #6), Kevin Finn (DM - Salisbury #25), Chip Lanser (D - Notre Dame #5)
Team Preview: Inspired by a 3-1 performance in 2012, True Lacrosse began a quest far and wide, to assemble a team of leviathans worthy to call legends for the 2013 campaign. Using Rambo as inspiration, the most American theme since GeorgeWashington, the group set out to imagine a weekend that could encapsulate America, Lacrosse, CRS Lax, and Kevin Finn into one perfect cacophony. Players like LC Moerschel, after leading True in goals in 2012, redefined his initials to a universal translation of �purely awesome.� He has defeated the Kraken and slain Lord Voldemort all while having the same charley horse Finn had in the great Vail Shootout of 2012. He is widely considered omnipotent and immortal. His interests include Robert Goulet, glacier frost Gatorade, and front squats. Another, Ben Mayo, of Outlaw box fame, is a 25 year old guy looking for that special someone. He�s a direct descendent of Odin, the Norse god of gods, and loves to travel. He enjoys hiking, cuddling, poetry and bubble baths. His ideal date would be someone who is easy going and likes to laugh � going to The Red Lion for dinner followed by some dancing at Whiskey Jack�s. His interests include staying fit, romantic comedies, the Twilight series, and high fashion. And last but not least, Ryan Covert. Ryan's inception rivals that of the big bang, and some in the science community who support a certain kind of clothing string theory have hypothesized that the two are directly related. Myth and lure from ancient Babylonian text suggests he is the destroyer of the lost colony Atlantis. Currently, Ryan�s whereabouts are ever changing but one thing�s for sure, he�s way more of chill bro than Kevin Finn.

Coaches/Organizers: Jake Smith, Amy Ritger
Key Players: Dylan Gray Ritger, Dylan Davie
Team Preview: The Crease Beavers are almost all former Colorado high school lacrosse players. Despite competing against each other in the Colorado high school season, they put aside their differences playing together on various Denver-based summer travel teams and still get along well enough to play together in Vail. This year's Beavers are now playing college lacrosse (D3, D1, and Club) or have recently (within the last year) finished their college lacrosse careers. About a dozen of the Beavers are former Colorado All State Players, and those who aren�t said that they would have been if they lived in Colorado. The Crease Beavers would like to thank Laurel Krishock for our jersey logo design.

Organizers: Jeff Begin and Skyler Hopkins
Key Players: Nate Gaudio (G - Middlebury College �14), Andrew Metros (M - Middlebury College �13), Chris Teves (M - Middlebury College, �10)
Team Preview: Team Gutman returns to the Shootout with an infusion of young talent from the current Middlebury College roster to complement its core of former panthers. Nate Gaudio, fresh off an All-NESCAC performance, anchors the Gutman defense between the pipes, with John Duvnjak and Chris Mejia backstop defense. Journeyman Chris Teves and newcomer Andrew Metros, another �13 All-NESCAC performer, lead a seasoned midfield unit while Mike Giordano and Stew Kerr look to breathe new life into a once-prolific attack. Proudly sporting uniforms featuring the unmistakable grin of their beloved Peter Kohn - the team�s namesake and former Head Coach / Hydration Specialist / Motivational Speaker / Chewing Gum Aficionado / Lead Singer / Railroad Expert - Gutman is looking forward to continuing its streak at the Vail Shootout, now spanning three decades (though exact dates are unconfirmed).

Coaches and Organizers: Greg Sprenzel and John Sprenzel
Key Players: Adam Hughes (SUNY College at Cortland, A #42), Brendan Rooney (Mount St. Mary�s College, D #41), Sean Gillies (RIT University, A #8), Ryan Knautz (Adrian College, A #16), James Miller (Hampden Sydney College, D #2), Christian Wilson (University of Colorado-Boulder, M #23), Mike Fox (Ohio State University, M #3), Kevin Lehman (Colorado State University, M #12), Michael Grinnell (Curry College, G #19)
Team Preview: Okay, here�s the shot out of the cannon: we are coming back to the Vail Shoot-Out POW! And this is the exciting part; we�re bringing with us some new captains for The Gilded Lady. POW POW! It�s the Vail Lacrosse Shoot-Out! It is the biggest event in the mountains. We�re Prestige Lacrosse that means a few things: we have Hugh Hughes leading our attack with Ryan Knautz and Sean Gillies joining the party. They�re not lazy they are crazy. Our midfield is looking fast; they are going to make a big splash. Our goalies will be enjoying their time in Vail thanks to our solid defense with ninja focus being led by Brendon Rooney and James Miller. Look for us to have new gear this year because of our sponsor, Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, and we will see you in the village!

Coaches and Organizers: Dean Ottenbreit, Jon Bock, & Bill Heller
Key Players: Billy Ward (A-Syracuse University), Torin Varn (A-Hofstra), Connor Buzcek (M-Cornell), Greg Coholan (M-Virginia), Drew Coholan (M-Hofstra), Erik Damson (A/M-Denver), Henry Schoonmaker (M-Syracuse), Nick Ossello (M-Notre Dame), Tyler German (M-Virginia), Isaac Bock (M-Penn), Tanner Ottenbreit (D-Virginia), Peter Macartney (D-Syracuse), Rhody Heller (G-Virginia), Ryan LaPlante (G-Denver)
Team Preview: This is Team All Out's first year in the Shootout, but they have high expectations for success. The team was founded by a couple of Colorado kids who, between them (and sometimes together), have won a Vail championship at all lower levels--U-13, U-15, U-17 & U-19. Now they have their sights set on the Vail Shootout Elite division, and to get there they've used their ever-expanding connections to put together a stacked roster that features Division I players from premier, geographically diverse schools including Denver, Virginia, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Cornell, Hofstra, Penn, High Point, Bellarmine, and Michigan. Heck, even their coaches are impressive� a member of the CSU Lacrosse Hall of Fame and a standout Penn attackman back in the day. A partial sponsorship for the team is provided by All Out Lacrosse which was founded by team member Ned Bowen, a former UVA player who won a National Championship in 2001. Team All Out would also like to thank unnamed parent donors, who consider this the final installment in their summer-lacrosse support plan.

Organizer: Jono Zissi
Key Players: Eddy Glazener (Notre Dame), Brock Ghelfi (Bucknell), JR Oreskovich (Stevens), Scott Bollert (UNC), Peter Baum (Colgate) and Michael Hernandez (Michigan).

Coaches/Organizers: Homegrown Lacrosse Nonprofit
Key Players: Minnesota�s Finest
Team Preview: The Minnesota Chill consists of local collegiate and post-collegiate players who represent Homegrown Lacrosse Nonprofit and the state of Minnesota as goodwill ambassadors for the game while taking part in a storied MN lacrosse tradition. The team�s mission is to strengthen the bonds that hold our community together as well as raise funds to support the growth and development of lacrosse in our state.

Coaches/Organizer: Sam Hovey
Key Players: Brendan Caputo (M- Brown), Henry Blynn (A- Brown), Bailey Tills (MBrown), Matt Florence (M-Virginia), Jordan Friedman (LSM- Colgate)
Team Preview: The Millennium Lacrosse Club team is a new and dangerous squad based out of Colorado, and is constructed of D1 and D3 players. The slick attack and devastating midfield will be what carries the ML team. Many of the players are on the same team in college or they have played together since a very young age, the chemistry is going to be scary. Team Millennium is confident that they are going to make some noise and turn heads this year at the Shootout. Millennium would like to thank our sponsors D.H. Friedman Properties, and HKD Snowmakers for their support!

Coaches/Organizers: Nic Bevacqua and Zach Zielonko
Key Players: Ian Bolland (G- Stevenson University #6), James Regan (M-Limestone #17), John Regan (M-VMI #12), Matt Miller (A- Stevenson University #4), Nic Bevacqua (A- Stevenson University #9)
Team Preview: This will be Team Tama�s first appearance in the Vail Shootout. Several key additions from the East Coast will be teaming up with local Colorado players to put a competitive team on the field. They would like to thank Tama Lacrosse, out of Colorado Springs, for their generous support and donations.

No information provided at press time.
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tl 2013 Tournament Dates tr
  Men’s Elite - Bracket

July 4, 5, 6 & 7

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  Expected Men’s Elite Teams (20): Adrenaline Tropics, All Out, Brine Elite, Colorado Mavs, Crease Beavers, Denver City Lax, FCA, Jammin Salmon, Lacrossewear, Lofers, Millenium Lacrosse Club, MN Chill, Prestige Lacrosse, Rocky Mtn Oysters, Southern Combat Americans, Team Gutman, Team Tama, The Big Green Herd, True Lacrosse, and Warrior X  
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  US Lacrosse Registration
All tournament teams & players must register with US Lacrosse:
go to and follow the instructions.

2013 Program
For the first time the program is available for download in PDF.
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tl 2012 Divisional Champions tr
  2012 Men's Elite Champions - Maverik Elite
Men's Elite: Maverik Elite
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tl 2012 Photo Summary tr
  Photos from Wednesday, July 4th 2012 by Clark Bell
Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo
Photos from Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 by Clark Bell
Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo
Photos from Monday Monday, July 2nd 2012 by Clark Bell
Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo
Photos from Sunday, July 1st 2012 by Clark Bell
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tl Our Founding Fathers tr
  Elder Statesmen
Two Score & One Year Ago: Jim Soran & Flip Naumburg
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Town of Vail

Vail America Days
For Vail America Days schedule,

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