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  Men's Supermasters    
tl 2012 Supermasters Champions tr
  Elder Statesmen
Elder Statesmen
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tl Pictures from July 8th tr
  Photos from Sunday by Clark Bell
Action Action Jim Soran & Flip Naumberg Action
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tl Day 4 - July 8th Report tr

Supermasters Results for 7/8

Championship Game
Elder Statesmen 10, C2C Magic Wands 7
Just like their Eldest counterparts, the Elder Statesmen took another championship in the Supermasters division at the Shootout. Although the Magic Wands were able to come close a few times, the Statesmen were always quick to widen the lead. Division MVP Brian Silcott left no doubts that he earned the recognition after scoring yet another hat trick.

3rd Place Game
Millennium Rock-it-Pocket 7, Yellow Dog 6 (OT)

Consolation Championship
Moondoggies 10, Middlebury 4

7th Place Game
Cactus Lacrosse 7, Navy Old Goats 4

Lower Bracket Games
Aged Spirits 12, Mad Greens 7
Vendetta’s 5, Galileo 4

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tl Day 3 - July 2nd Report tr

Keeper of Lacrosse Award
Sean Fox - Elder Statesmen
(The Keeper Project is a grassroots movement focused on protecting and promoting the values of lacrosse. It is critical that each generation who played the sport own the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity and spirit of the game for future generations. The game is in your hands. Take good care of it. more info)

Brian Silcott - Elder Statesmen

Paul Thomas - C2C Magic Wands
Sam Hovey - Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket
Cort Kim - Elder Statesmen

Doug Gulick - C2C Magic Wands
Jeff Wyatt - Mad Greens
Randy Fraser - Elder Statesmen

Long Stick Middie
Doug Appleton - Elder Statesmen

Face Off
Rocco Guglielmo – C2C Magic Wands

Rob Perella - Yellow Dog
Zack Colburn - C2C Magic Wands
Dan Pratt - Elder Statesmen
Tim Schurr - C2C Magic Wands

Danny Cisneros - Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket

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tl Pictures from July 7th tr
  Photos from Saturday by Clark Bell
Action Action Action Action
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tl Day 3 - July 7th Report tr

Supermasters Results for 7/7

Championship Semi-Finals

C2C Magic Wands 7, Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket 3
The C2C Magic Wands were able to win against the recently undefeated Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket team. Rock-it-Pocket made the first goal of the game, but was never able to gain the lead after the Wands started scoring. Attackman Paul Thomas, of Magic Wands, scored a hat trick and an assist.

Yellow Dog 6, Elder Statesmen 20
Elder Statesmen dominated yet another game in this semi-final game against Yellow Dog. Statesmen’s John Zulberti, an attackman, helped maintain the team’s lead by scoring a hat trick and three assists.

Consolation Semi-Finals

Navy Old Goats 8, Moondoggies 9
Both teams made this an intense, physical game. Moondoggies were able to come back to tie it up going into the second half and ended up pulling out with the win by scoring with four minutes left in the game.

Middlebury 7, Cactus Lacrosse 6
Both teams came out to play in this semi-final game. It was a close game throughout all four quarters. Middlebury #40 stood out as a game-changing player, picking up many ground balls and scoring three goals. Cactus almost made a comeback, but couldn’t overcome Middlebury’s drive to win.

Lower Bracket Games
Mad Greens 8, Galileo 11
Galileo 8, Aged Spirits 7
Vendetta’s 7, Princeton Obsoletes 13
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Supermasters Schedule for 7/8

Championship Game
12:30pm- Ford West- C2C Magic Wands vs. Elder Statesmen

3rd Place Game
8:30am- Ford East- Millennium Rock-it-Pocket vs. Yellow Dog

Consolation Championship
10:30am- Ford East- Moondoggies vs. Middlebury

7th Place Game
8:30am- Donovan- Navy Old Goats vs. Cactus Lacrosse

Lower Bracket Games
9:00am- Vail Mountain School- Mad Greens v. Princeton Obsoletes
10:30am- Donovan- Vendetta’s vs. Galileo
11:00am- Vail Mountain School- Mad Greens v. Galileo

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tl Pictures from July 6th tr
  Photos from Friday by Clark Bell
Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo
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tl Day 2 - July 6th Report tr

Supermasters Results for 7/6

Championship Quarter Finals
Millennium/ Rock-it Pocket 10, Moondoggies 9
Moondoggies had the lead for the majority of the game, but Millennium was always close behind. Millennium finally pulled ahead when it counted as attackman Sam Hovey scored the game-winning goal with 25 seconds left in the game.

Elder Statesmen 19, Cactus Lacrosse 3

Yellow Dog 6, Middlebury 3
The game got off to a slow start, but Yellow Dog picked up the pace in the middle of the game and managed to score a few quick goals and maintain the lead. Heavy rain and lightning resulted in a change of venue for the fourth quarter, allowing one more goal for Middlebury but not the win.

C2C Magic Wands 12, Navy Old Goats 1

Lower Bracket
Vendetta’s 5, Mad Greens 4
Princeton Obsoletes 10, Galileo 0
Aged Spirits 11, Vendetta’s 2

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Supermasters Schedule for 7/7

The Supermasters had their first day of bracket play and will have the semi-finals tomorrow at 10:30 and 12:30 in Ford Park. The 2011 champions, C2C Magic Wands, will take on Millennium/Rock-it Pocket in the first game. Yellowdog will face the Elderstatesmen in the other semi-final.

Championship Semi-Finals
10:30am - Ford West - C2C Magic Wands vs. Millennium/Rock-it Pocket
12:30pm - Ford West - Yellow Dog vs. Elder Statesmen

Consolation Semi-Finals
10:30am - Ford East - Navy Old Goats vs. Moondoggies
12:30pm - Ford East - Middlebury vs. Cactus Lacrosse

Lower Bracket
10:30am - Donovan - Vendetta’s vs. Princeton Obsoletes
10:30am - Vail Mountain School - Mad Greens vs. Galileo
12:30pm - Vail Mountain School - Galileo vs. Aged Spirits

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tl Special Movie Screenings tr
  Crooked Arrows Movie Poster In honor of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout the distributors have called in a favor and CROOKED ARROWS will be hosting 3 special screenings of the movie this weekend at the Vail Riverwalk Theater just a few miles down the road.

The theater will have some CROOKED ARROWS swag to hand out to a few lucky attendees including signed movie posters, apparel, and more.

Bring Your Team!

Riverwalk Theater ( Theater
34253 US Highway 6 (1st & Main Street)
Edwards, CO
(970) 476-5661

10:30am this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Exit I-70 at the Edwards exit (#163); proceed south on Edwards Spur Road over the Eagle River toward the U.S. 6 traffic signal. The Riverwalk complex is located on the northeast corner of the U.S. 6/Eagle Spur Road intersection; Riverwalk Theatre is located at the corner of First and Main; parking is free.
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tl Pictures from July 5th tr
  Photos from Thursday by Clark Bell
Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo
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tl Day 1 - July 5th Report tr

Supermasters Results for 7/5

Top 2 teams in each conference advance to the championship bracket.

Conference A - Ford West Field
C2C Magic Wands 11, Cactus Lacrosse 0
Cactus Lacross 7, Mad Greens 3
C2C Magic Wands15, Mad Greens 1

Conference B - Ford East Field
Elder Statesmen 14, Navy Old Goats 1
Navy Old Goats 9, Vendetta’s 3
Elder Statesmen 11, Vendetta’s 0

Conference C - Donovan Field
Yellow Dog 9, Galileo 1
Moondoggies 9, Galileo 5
Yellow Dog 8, Moondoggies 4

Conference D - Athletic Field
Millennium/Rock-it Pocket 7, Middlebury 2
Princeton Obsoletes 5, Aged Spirits 2
Millennium/Rock-it Pocket 11, Aged Spirits 1
Middlebury 4, Princeton Obsoletes 3
Millennium/Rock-it Pocket 9, Princeton Obsoletes 2
Middlebury 5, Aged Spirits 1

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Final Conference Standings

Conference A
1st Place - C2C Magic Wands
2nd Place - Cactus Lacrosse
3rd Place - Mad Greens
Conference B
1st Place - Elder Statesmen
2nd Place - Navy Old Goats
3rd Place - Vendetta’s

Conference C
1st Place - Yellow Dog
2nd Place - Moondoggies
3rd Place - Galileo

Conference D
1st Place - Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket
2nd Place - Middlebury
3rd Place - Princeton Obsoletes
4th Place - Aged Spirits

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Supermasters Schedule for 7/6

Championship Bracket

12:30pm - Ford East - Millennium/ Rock-it-Pocket vs. Moondoggies
12:30pm - Ford West - Cactus Lacrosse vs. Elder Statesmen
2:30pm - Ford East - Middlebury vs. Yellow Dog
2:30pm - Ford West - C2C Magic Wands vs. Navy Old Goats

Lower Bracket
10:30am - Vail Mountain School - Mad Greens vs. Vendetta’s
10:30am - Donovan - Galileo vs. Princeton Obsoletes
12:30pm - Vail Mountain School - Vendetta’s vs. Aged Spirits

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tl 2012 Divisional Preview tr

What makes these men SUPER? Do they change in phone booths? Can they leap tall buildings? Are they faster than a speeding bullet? Are they more powerful than a locomotive? The answer is “NO” to all of the above – BUT they have survived to 40 despite enduring countless slashes, illegal body checks and unsportsmanlike conducts – AND they are ready to strap it on once again at 8,000 feet. That’s SUPER.

C2C with Vail fixture and coach Chip Flanagan return to defend its hard-earned crown. 2011 MVP goalie Jim Schwartz is between the pipes and the scoring duo of David King and Paul Thomas will lead the attack.

The Elder Statesmen with a Hobart Statesmen nucleus (thus the name) want to sit at the mountain top again. A healthy addition of fresh “young” legs join the fun. They join a core of experienced vets like Steve Govett (A), Dan Pratt (D), Peter Schaffer (LSM) and Bill Edell (M).

Rob Gormley’s Yellow Dog pack placed third last year thanks to an 11-10 win against Millennium / Rock-It Pocket the last day. They are off the leash this year adding new talented scorers Rowan Allen and Mike Bonofazi. Rob Perella at close defense and Jeff Pulcipher in goal lead the guard dog breeds.

The player run team of Millennium / Rock-It Pocket brings its mix of Colorado and New England talent once again. They add Lyle Shirley as a face-off man to an already stout crew anchored by Danny Cisneros in goal and Sam Hovey on attack.

The Middlebury alumni classes from 1984 to 1994 will rally behind coach Erin Quinn and manager Bob Sideli. This makes year 16 for the squad in Vail.

Team Galileo returns to the Shootout with a dedicated squad hailing from both coasts and all points in between. Most recently known as dEPHiant/NYAC, the team draws a solid core of players from the New York Athletic Club, Williams College, Denison University, Yale and other programs. Organizers Tom Wenzel and Chris Oldham will again take the field more than thirty years after their first collaboration as teammates at Denver’s Graland Country Day School. Goalie Marty Malinow anchors the defense, supported by stalwarts Wenzel and Paul “Otto” Wimer. Seasoned middie Pete Schwartz and new addition Paul Harkins will work to move the ball upfield to returning attackmen Ed Akel, Jeff Alpaugh and Ross Wimer. Malinow’s company, Galileo Weather, is a team sponsor.

New in 2012 are the Moondoggies squad. While Moondoggies is a California-based team, it has grown to include key players from around the U.S. and Canada including John Rosa, Dewey Jacobs and Peter Schmitz.

The Princeton Obsoletes make their ninth appearance in Vail playing for the Bobby Campbell Scholarship Foundation. Many of the players hail from the Princeton, New Jersey area and either played with or were coached by Bobby Campbell. Bill Rexford is key on defense and Damon Webber will add scoring power from attack.

Mad Greens Inspired Eats will again be captained by Andrew Paredes. This is the second season for the Greens who gather players from the Denver Metro area, many of whom coach youth and high school lacrosse.

The Vail Village’s Vendetta’s restaurant lends its name to last year’s Air Force Graybirds. Mike Jacobi (AFA ’81) and Cat Stevens (AFA ’74) will command this crew of Air Force alumni and Midwest City Lacrosse Conference “old guys”. Missing from the team is Dan Connelly (AFA ’73) who will receive a “sticks up” from the team as he recovers from cancer surgery.

Don’t you love the name Aged Spirits? Former Colorado high school players (Arapahoe, Cherry Creek, Columbine and Englewood) use that name. Tom Mott at attack and Brooks Thoroughgood at midfield are keys.

Rumor has it the Navy Old Goats are pulling some battleships out of moth balls for the 2012 campaign. No one has leaked any names.

To round out the 13-team field we have Cactus Lacrosse from sunny Arizona. That tanned contingent grabs friends from lacrosse powerhouses Syracuse, Hobart and Johns Hopkins to add depth.

It promises to be an interesting bracket after it is set from first day round robin play. No doubt it will be another SUPER one.

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tl Rules of Play tr

For the Masters, Supermasters, and Grandmasters divisions we will play modified USCLA rules. Key exceptions or rules follow.


There is no shot clock. An hour glass may be used if the game reaches that level.


a) Except during pool play, in the event of a tie there will be one 4 minute overtime. Sudden victory if a team scores with less than 5 seconds left in the overtime. During pool play, ties shall be decided by sudden victory.

b) 3 time-outs per game. Time-outs can be used at any time.

c) When a team has possession of the ball, anyone on the field from that team can call time-out.

d) The restraining line will extend from sideline to sideline. The restraining area runs from the restraining line to the end line. (There is no dashed box line.)

e) During the final two minutes of the game, the team with the lead must keep the ball in the restraining area.

f) Penalties (except a non-releasable penalty) shall be released per NCAA rules only after a goal.

g) NCAA rule that requires a player that is bleeding to come out of the game is enforced.

h) NCAA coaching guidelines - players must meet with the coaches in the coaches' area.

i) The ball goes into play immediately on an out-of-bounds - except when a reasonable delay is required to permit the goalie to return to the crease area.

j) Goalies serve only unsportsmanlike penalties of more than one minute.

k) Only 4 longsticks are allowed on the field at a time.

l) Mouthguards are required to be worn by all players.

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tl 2012 Tournament Dates tr
  The 2012 Vail Lacrosse Shootout, our 40th, will be mixing it up a bit from the recent divisional order. The tournament will run from Saturday, June 30th to Sunday, July 8th.

Men’s Supermasters (age 40 and over): July 5, 6, 7 & 8
    Men's Supermasters Bracket

Go here for further information and the divisional contacts.
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  Expected Teams for 2012 Shootout:

Men’s Supermasters: (14 teams):  Millennium-Rock It Pocket, Vendetta's, Middlebury, Navy Old Goats, C2C Magic Wands, Princeton Obsoletes, Aged Spirits, Cactus Lacrosse, Elder Statesmen, Galileo, Mad Greens, Moondoggies, Yellow Dog, High Country Lax.
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tl 2011 Tournament Champions tr
  Supermasters Champions: C2C Magic Wands
C2C Magic Wands

2011 All-Tournament Team

Steven Govett - Elder Statesmen
Scott Fuselier - Yellow Dog
David King - C2C Magic Wands
Samuel Hovey - Team Millennium/Rock-it Pocket
Paul Thomas - C2C Magic Wands

Brian Duncan - C2C Magic Wands
Ian McCray - Middlebury
Andrew Paredes - Mad Greens
John Wasco - C2C Magic Wands

Short Stick Defensive Midfielder:
Ramon Engle - C2C Magic Wands

Long Stick Middie:
John Rogers - C2C Magic Wands

Face-off Specialist:
Lyle Shirley - dEPHiant/NYAC

Zachrey Colburn - C2C Magic Wands
Robert Perella - Yellow Dog
Dan Pratt - Elder Statesmen
Tim Schurr - C2C Magic Wands

David Miller - Navy Old Goats

Most Valuable Player:
Jim Schwartz - Goalie - C2C Magic Wands
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