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  Men's Elite    
tl 2012 Men's Elite Champions tr
  2012 Men's Elite Champions - Maverik Elite
Maverik Elite
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tl Pictures from July 4th tr
  Photos from Wednesday by Clark Bell
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tl Day 4 - July 4th Report tr

Men's Elite Results for Wednesday 7/4

Championship Bracket

Maverik Elite 16, Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 10 - scoresheet
The 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout came to a culmination in an even match between Maverik Elite and Merrill Lynch. Both teams went goal for goal for almost the entire first half, including an impressive longpole goal from Merrill Lynch’s Goran Murray. Despite lightning and nature conspiring against us, the second half of the game showed Maverik Elite pulling ahead with an impressive shooting display from a deeply talented offensive squad. The all-tournament team was named, as well as the Keeper of Lacrosse award, and the 40th annual Vail Men’s Elite came to an impressive close.

3rd Place Game
Rocky Mountain Oysters/ 14, Brine Elite 13 - scoresheet
In what initially seemed to be a Brine-dominated game, Rocky Mountain Oysters stepped in up in the second half and eventually took the win.

5th Place Game
Denver City Lax/Encore15, Team Harrow 7 - scoresheet

7th Place Game
Big Green Herd 8, FCA Lacrosse 4 - scoresheet

Consolation Bracket

Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 18, Balance Bar 12 - scoresheet
Jammin’ Salmon defeated Balance Bar in a relaxed, steady-paced Consolation Championship game.

11th Place Game
Southern Combat 7, LOFers 6 - scoresheet

13th Place Game
Warrior X 10, Tunesquad 9 - scoresheet

15th Place Game
Crease Beavers 9, Back Country Brewery 8 (OT) - scoresheet

Other Games
Team Gutman 9, Prestige 8 - scoresheet
True Lacrosse 8, Eager Beavers 3 - scoresheet

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Final Standings

1st Place- Maverik Elite
2nd Place- Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
3rd Place- Rocky Mountain Oysters
4th Place- Brine Elite
5th Place- Denver City Lax/Encore
6th Place- Team Harrow
7th Place- Big Green Herd
8th Place- FCA Lacrosse
9th Place- Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon
10th Place- Balance Bar
11th Place- Southern Combat
12th Place- LOFers
13th Place- Warrior X
14th Place-Tunesquad
15th Place-True Lacrosse
16th Place- Crease Beavers
17th Place- True Lacrosse
18th Place– Team Gutman
19th Place- Prestige Lacrosse
20th Place- Eager Beavers

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tl Day 3 - July 2nd Report tr
  Keeper of Lacrosse
Kyle Harrison- Denver City Lax/Encore – Johns Hopkins
(The Keeper Project is a grassroots movement focused on protecting and promoting the values of lacrosse. It is critical that each generation who played the sport own the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity and spirit of the game for future generations. The game is in your hands. Take good care of it. more info)

Most Valuable Players
Offensive - Peter Baum- Maverik Elite – Colgate
Defensive - Brian McGill- Maverik Elite – Syracuse

Alex Love- Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon – Hobart
Garret Thul- Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear - Army
Eric Law- Rocky Mountain Oysters/ - Denver

Kyle Harrison- Denver City Lax/Encore – Johns Hopkins
JoJo Marasco- Maverik Elite – Syracuse
Pete Schwartz- Merrill Lynch - Harvard

Faceoff Midfielder
Nick Maggio - Brine Elite - Merrimack

Defensive Midfield Specialist
Josh Hawkins- Merrill Lynch – Loyola

Ryan Kilpatrick- Maverik Elite – North Carolina
Sam Mayes- Brine Elite - Pfeiffer
Scott Ratliff- Merrill Lynch – Loyola

Niko Amato - Maverik Elite - Maryland
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tl Pictures from July 3rd tr
  Photos from Tuesday by Clark Bell
Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo
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tl Day 3 - July 3rd Report tr
  Men's Elite Results for Tuesday 7/3

Championship Bracket

Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 16, Brine Elite 6 - scoresheet
It took about a quarter for Merrill Lynch to get their feet, but once they did they held onto the lead, despite Brine’s team of sharp shooters. As the game progressed Merrill Lynch started showing their strengths with sharp passing and quick shots to pull away with the win. Despite what the score may indicate, both Brine goalies played very well, but a deep Merrill roster kept them busy. Attackman Garret Thul, of Merrill Lynch, had an impressive four goals and one assist.

Maverik Elite 19, Rocky Mountain Oysters/ 7 - scoresheet
Maverik Elite swept past the Rocky Mountain Oysters in the second semi-final game of the day. Peter Baum had an impressive six goals for Maverik Elite, and long pole Matt Harris helped ward off goals with impressive defense. Chase Calkin and Garth Heth held their own on face-offs for the Oysters, winning a total of 15 between them.

5th Place Bracket

Team Harrow 7, Big Green Herd 6 - scoresheet
Originally it seemed as if Harrow was going to run away with the lead at halftime, but Big Green Herd stepped it up and pulled the game within one goal in the second half. A Big Green two-pointer would have won them the game, but the shot missed with five seconds left. Frazier Cavness led Harrow in scoring with a hat trick.

Denver City Lax/Encore 12, FCA Lacrosse 11 (OT) - scoresheet
It seemed as if FCA was going to run away with the lead, but at the end of the first half, Denver City Lax quickly caught up to tie the score at 7-7. The two teams continued to answer each other’s goals for the remaining two quarters, again bringing the game to a tie at 11-11. Denver City Lax triumphed in overtime thanks to midfielder Andrew Lay, who scored the winning goal, his second of the game. Midfielder Kyle Denhoff, of FCA, achieved a hat trick as well as an assist.

Consolation Bracket
Balance Bar 17, LOFers 5 - scoresheet
Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 17, Southern Combat 7 - scoresheet

Remaining Consolation Games
Crease Beavers 4, Tunesquad 17 - scoresheet
Warrior X 16, Back Country Brewery 6 - scoresheet
Team Gutman 10, Eager Beavers 2 - scoresheet
True Lacrosse 14, Prestige Lacrosse 3 - scoresheet

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Men's Elite Schedule for Wednesday 7/4

Championship Bracket

1pm - Ford Field – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Maverik Elite

3rd Place Game
11:30pm - Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters/ vs. Brine Elite

5th Place Game
10am – Edwards Turf – Team Harrow vs. Denver City Lax/Encore

7th Place Game
11:30am - Edwards Turf- Big Green Herd vs. FCA Lacrosse

Consolation Bracket

8:30am - Ford Field– Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Balance Bar

11th Place Game
11:30am - Edwards Grass – LOFers vs. Southern Combat

13th Place Game
10:00am - Edwards Grass - Warrior X vs. Tunesquad

15th Place Game
1:00pm - Edwards Turf - Back Country Brewery vs. Crease Beavers

Other Games
8:30am - Edwards Turf - Team Gutman vs. Prestige Lacrosse
8:30am - Edwards Grass - True Lacrosse vs. Eager Beavers

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tl Pictures from July 2nd tr
  Photos from Monday by Clark Bell
Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo Action Photo
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tl Day 2 - July 2nd Report tr
  Men's Elite Results for Monday 7/2 

In the Men’s elite quarter-finals all the top seeds advanced with the exception of Team Harrow. In the day’s first game on Ford Field, Team Harrow thought they had taken a one goal lead with less than a minute remaining, only to realize the bench had called a time-out before the goal. Brine Elite, then took possession of the ball and scored the game winning goal with less than 30 seconds left to win the game. Brine Elite will face Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear at 1:00pm for the day’s first semi-final. The second semi-final will be a repeat of last year’s match-up. Maverik Elite will look for redemption after being upset last year by Rocky Mountain Oysters / The Maverik vs. Oysters game will take place at 3:00pm on Ford Field.

Championship Bracket
Team Harrow 15, Brine Elite 16 - scoresheet
Maverik Elite 21, Denver City Lax / Encore 14 - scoresheet
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 15, Big Green Herd 6 - scoresheet
Rocky Mountain Oysters / 13, FCA Lacrosse 2 - scoresheet

Consolation Bracket
LOFers 14, Back Country Brewery 8 - scoresheet
Southern Combat 12, Tunesquad 4 - scoresheet
Warrior X 15, Balance Bar 18 - scoresheet
Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 13, Crease Beavers 2 - scoresheet
Team Gutman 6, True Lacrosse Club 7 - scoresheet
Prestige Lacrosse 7, Eager Beavers 4 - scoresheet
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  Men's Elite Schedule for Tuesday 7/3

Championship Bracket
1pm - Ford Field – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Brine Elite
3pm - Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters/ vs. Maverik Elite

5th Place Bracket
9am – Ford Field – Team Harrow vs. Big Green Herd
11am - Ford Field - FCA Lacrosse vs. Denver City Lax/Encore

Consolation Bracket
1pm - Edwards Turf – LOFers vs. Balance Bar
3pm - Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Southern Combat

Remaining Consolation Games
10am – Edwards Grass – Warrior X vs. Back Country Brewery
11am - Edwards Turf – Crease Beavers vs. Tunesquad
12pm - Edwards Grass – Team Gutman vs. Eager Beavers
2pm - Edwards Grass – Prestige Lacrosse vs. True Lacrosse Club

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tl Pictures from July 1st tr
  Photos from Sunday by Clark Bell
action action action action
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tl Day 1 - July 1st Report tr
  Men's Elite Results for Sunday 7/1

Balance Bar 21, Prestige Lacrosse 1 - scoresheet
Rocky Mountain Oysters / 19, Balance Bar 9 - scoresheet
Crease Beavers 23, Eager Beavers 7 - scoresheet
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 21, Crease Beavers 2 - scoresheet
Big Green Herd 16, Team Gutman 2 - scoresheet
Big Green Herd 10, One’s Jammin’ Salmon 7 - scoresheet
FCA Lacrosse 16, True Lacrosse Club 3 - scoresheet
FCA Lacrosse 15, Warrior X 10 - scoresheet
Denver City Lax / Encore 18,  Backcountry Brewery 6 - scoresheet
Brine Elite 16, Southern Combat 5 - scoresheet
Team Harrow 15, Tunesquad 4 - scoresheet
Maverik Elite 12, LOFers 3 - scoresheet

A Preview of Photos from Staff Photographer Clark Bell:
Team Adrenaline’s Bobby Magrin scored six goals, including the game winner in overtime. The Women’s Elite tournament kicked off with pool play down in Edwards. The Big Green Herd won two games to advance to the Men’s Elite quarter-finals. Keeping cool at the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout!
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Men's Elite Schedule for Monday 7/2 

Championship Bracket
9am – Ford Field – Team Harrow vs. Brine Elite
11am - Ford Field – Maverik Elite vs. Denver City Lax / Encore 
1pm - Ford Field – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Big Green Herd
3pm - Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters / vs. FCA Lacrosse

Consolation Bracket
9am – Edwards Turf – LOFers vs. Back Country Brewery
11am - Edwards Turf – Southern Combat vs. Tunesquad
1pm - Edwards Turf – Warrior X vs. Balance Bar
3pm - Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Crease Beavers
11am - Edwards Grass – Team Gutman vs. True Lacrosse Club
1pm - Edwards Grass – Prestige Lacrosse vs. Eager Beavers

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tl Team Rosters tr
  410 Players on 18 Elite Teams (2 teams missing)
See the Rosters
(As submitted by team leaders by 6/30/2012)
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tl 2012 Divisional Preview tr
  Men's Elite 2012 Bracket

A lot has happened in the last 39 years… the Berlin Wall fell, the internet was born, the human genome was mapped, the space shuttle came and went, and the Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men’s Elite division crowned 39 champions. Much has changed about the Shootout during that time, sometimes for the better (e.g. 2 point-line) & sometime for the worse (e.g. neon’s recent comeback) but the high level lacrosse, beautiful scenery, and lively town of Vail have consistently drawn participants for decades. This year 20 teams have journeyed from across the country to compete for the title of 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men’s Elite champion.

In 2011, Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear returned to their championship ways with one of the most potent offenses in tournament history. Tallying 66 goals in four games (an average of 16.5 goals per game) Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear rode the performance of Tournament MVP Kyle Wharton (Johns Hopkins ’11) to the team’s second title. It has been said that the “best defense is a good offense” and with the Shootout’s 30 second shot clock, Merrill Lynch did an excellent job managing the unique rules on both ends of the field. Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear’s Vail resume now includes:  two Vail Lacrosse Shootout Championships, three "final four" appearances, and six championship bracket appearances. With a seat at the table when discussing the most successful Vail Lacrosse Shootout teams of all-time Merrill Lynch is the early favorite in 2012.

While Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear did walk away victorious from last year’s championship game, runners-up Rocky Mountain Oysters / were – by far – the most remarkable story the Shootout has seen in the 21st century. Perennial tournament participants, the Oysters used a deliberate, controlling offensive system and spectacular goaltending to earn their first championship appearance.  No game showcased this more than the 2011 semi-finals; the Oysters overcame heavily favored Maverik Elite (2010 champions), in possibly the greatest upset in Shootout history.

The remaining two teams from last year’s semi-final are back for the 2012 Vail Shootout,  Maverik Elite and Team Harrow (formerly Team Chipotle) will have excellent odds to win a 2012 title. Additionally, Brine Elite, Denver City Lax / Encore, Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon,  Team Gutman, Warrior X, Tunesquad, Southern Combat Americans, Back Country Brewery, The LOFers, Prestige Lacrosse Club, Eager Beavers and True Lacrosse Club all return for another round of Shootout action.

Newcomers to the 40th year of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men’s Elite division include The Big Green Herd, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Balance Bar, and Crease Beavers.

Get ready for another high-flying Vail Lacrosse Shootout! Let's meet the teams . . .

Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

Coach:  Paul Landaiche Jr.

Team Preview:  Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear incorporates pink and purple with our uniforms, the colors representing cancer awareness and to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society and other organizations committed to finding cures for breast, prostate and pancreatic cancers. In addition, the team has once again supported the United Way as individuals and a company.

We would like to thank our longtime partner, Lacrossewear, and Bo Lamon for his continued support. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is the world's leading wealth management, capital markets and advisory firm, with offices in 40 countries and territories and total client assets in excess of $2 trillion.

Rocky Mountain Oysters /

Coach/Organizer:  Chris Parsons/Aaron Laaveg

Key Players: Ben Brown (Goalie), Logan Bobzien (Attack),  Alex Moore (Midfield), Neth Wiedemann (Defense), John Loftus (Defense) 

Team Preview:  Many opposing teams naively started their 2011 matches against the Rocky Mountain Oysters full of anticipation and expectation, only to find themselves in the depths of despondency and defeat.  The team consists of a brilliant mixture of local Colorado stars and east coast studs.

Talisman Logan Bobzien (2008 All America) will quarterback the rapid fire offensive assault with pulsating precision. Any opposing LSM in this tournament will need to produce a moment of magic in order to stop the crafty moves of midfielder Alex Moore (2004 All America). Other players to watch include the tactically astute Mat Ballay and current local star Eric Law of the University of Denver and Arapahoe High School.

Between the pipes, Ben Brown's energy and scintillating reflexes will present a challenge to any shooter. In addition, any capable dodger will need to beat Neth Wiedemann (2008 All America); who can throw lethal checks with a ferocity bordering on barbaric. Lastly, veteran John Loftus (2005 All America) will expertly marshal the clears with ingenuity and regimental efficiency.
We’d like to thank for their support and dedication to the sport.

Maverik Elite

Coaches and Organizers  John Gagliardi, Gary Rosenbach and Paul Moskevitz

Key Players:  Niko Amato (Goalie, Maryland), Scott Ratliff (LSM, Loyola), Peter Baum (Attack, Colgate) Mike Chanenchuk (Middie, Maryland)

Team Preview:  Maverik Elite is made of current college players from Univ. of Maryland, Univ. of North Carolina, Syracuse University, Duke University, Cornell University and a number of other Division I and Division III schools.

On offense Peter Baum, fresh off putting together one of the best individual NCAA seasons in the modern era, will lead Maverik’s talented group. Baum, the 2012 Tewaaraton award winner, 2012 Lt. Raymond J. Enners award winner, 2012 USILA All-America First Team member, and 2012 Patriot League Offensive Player of the Year will be a tough matchup for opposing long poles. On the other end of the field for Maverik, goaltender Nick Amato, starter from the 2012 NCAA runners-up Maryland Terrapins, returns to the Shootout after being named to the Vail Lacrosse All-Tournament team in 2011.

Maverik Lacrosse is an equipment and apparel company started in 2005 by John Gagliardi and is based in New York City.   Look for a high paced game played by the Maverik Elite Team.

Team Harrow

Coaches:  Tom Konkel and Dan Murray

Key Players: Austin Konkel (University of Denver), Joey Murray (University of Denver), Patrick Murray (Georgetown) Davey Emala (University of North Carolina)

Team Preview: Team Harrow (formerly Team Chipotle) consists of players from all over the country. Many schools are represented – Denver, North Carolina, Georgetown, Virginia, CSU, RPI, Sacred Heart and others. 

Led by childhood friends and old Regis Jesuit high school teammates Joey Murray and Austin Konkel, Some other key players include Patrick Murray and Brian Will from Georgetown, Davey Emala from North Carolina, and Greyson Konkel from MCLA champion Colorado State, Rhody Heller from UVA and the “All-Time Emotional Leader of Team Harrow” Stephen Gerhard from Sacred Heart.  Thanks to Harrow Sports and Suburban Toppers for their sponsorships! 

Brine Elite

Team Founder:  ENS Matt Keller – USNA 2009

Team Managers:  Tom Keller and Jimmy Harrison

Key Players:  Ryan Danehy (Dartmouth '06), Connor Mooney (UMass  '14), Jimmy Harrison  (Holy Cross '09) Mike Levin  (Brown  '04)

Team Preview: This year's Brine Elite Team brings its usual mix of Brine Elite Summer League alums and their friends. Players are primarily from the Division One  ranks. As team founder Matt Keller USNA '09 is now a proud member of Riverine Squad III, the team will dedicate this tournament to all the brave men and women who make up this part of the Navy.

Denver City Lax / Encore

Coaches: Kyle Harrison, Sean McCarthy and Ben Allison

Team Preview:  City Lax is back at the Shootout for a second year after getting our feet wet in 2011 winning the Consolation Championship.  This group of talented college players, recent graduates, and professional players made up of past and present All-Americans meets in Vail to compete and support Denver City Lax, a sports based youth development non-profit focused on introducing the sport of lacrosse to under-served neighborhoods while teaching life values and the importance of education. Coach Kyle Harrison (2005 NCAA Tewaaraton Winner and  3x NCAA All-America) brings a prestigious lacrosse resume to the team and looks to guide Denver City Lax / Encore to its first Championship Bracket appearance.

We are excited and thankful to connect with our sponsor Encore Brand and it’s founder John Christmas.  Encore is alifestyle/social awareness apparel brand assisting non-profits providing opportunities to kids, and is guided by the credo Action is Character.  We also want to thank Boathouse Sports for keeping us in style with our uniforms.  Most importantly, we want to thank everyone whose ongoing support continues to fuel the numerous success stories of Denver City Lax kids on the field and in the classroom.  For more information or to make a donation please visit our website at:

Warrior X

Coaches and Organizers: Tom Conrad, Craig Haynes

Key Players: Hunter Hall (Midfield, Whittier College, 2014); Dylan Leary (Midfield, Air Force, 2013); Erik Smith (Midfield, Air Force, 2013); Bryan Price (Midfield, Air Force, 2013); Brian Kormondy (Attack, Delaware, 2014); Dan Guidarelli (Midfield, Delaware, 2014)  

Team Preview:  These are Colorado Boys. Warrior X is made up primarily of Arapahoe High School Alumni (Centennial, Colorado) who played on the 2009 Colorado Championship team. 
The team continues to play with or against each other for CU, CSU and UNC, others are playing for Division I and Division III teams including Delaware, Air Force and Whittier College.  This will be Warrior X's second trip to the Men's Elite division but they are no strangers to the tournament. With most of last year's players returning they are sure to form a cohesive unit with many surprises. We would like to thank Breakaway Sports.

Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon

Coach:  John Combs & Mike Parnell

Key Players: Alex Love (A - Hobart College #4), Lance Yapor (A - Hofstra #2), R.G. Keenan (F/O Univ. North Carolina #25), Mike Bocklet (M - Fairfield), Rafe Mattingly (D - Hobart College #34) and Max Silberlicht (G - Hobart College #9)

Team Preview:  The Jammin' Salmon are back with a revamped school of fish, after a sub-par performance last year.  The "Fish" have put together a mix of youth and experience, as they look to swim back into title contention! A crafty attack will cause fits for the opposition and will be lead by sharp shooter Alex Love.  A solid midfield anchored by face-off specialist R.G. Keenan will take a little pressure off a savvy defense, headed by lock-down defensemen Rafe Mattingly.  The Salmon will unveil a new look for this year's Shootout, but expect alot of the same angling tactics! The Fish would like to thank our sponsors: TeamONE Lacrosse Co. ( & to Doug Conway at the LaxShop ( for their support and generous donations.

Backcountry Brewery

Coach/Organizer:  Stephen Brown, Colton Vieira & Ann Eazor

Key Players: Marcus Walker (Air Force), Jimmy Eazor (Sacred Heart), Sean Davies

Team Preview:  Backcountry Brewery is comprised of many Denver area kids and the teammates we were able to drag out to Vail for the weekend. There are kids from schools all around the country, ranging from Santa Clara to Virginia Beach. We represent the MCLA, DIII, DII, and DI on our diverse roster. Thanks to The Backcountry Brewery (located on the Main Street of Frisco, CO).

Southern Combat Americans

Coaches:  Brian Leistikow and Greg Rushing

Key Players Ryan LaPlante (Goalie, DU), Connor Saller (UNC, Middie), Daniel Caddoo (Mesa, Attack)

Team Preview:  The Southern Combat Americans is made up of some of the best players from Colorado including a heavy contingent from the Fort Collins Unified teams of the past. The team has a good mix of Division I, Division II, Division III, and MCLA players and looks to improve on their 2011 performance.


Organizer:  Ed Condon (coach), Spencer Curley (organizer), Nick Condon (organizer)

Key Players: Keegan Bowman (Carthage College, Attack, 2012), Keaton Ohara (Bellarmine, Midfield, 2012), Ryan Knautz (Adrian College, Midfield, 2011)

Team Preview:  Making its second appearance in the Men's Elite Division, Tunesquad looks to improve on its second place finish in the B division last year. With the majority of players representing the Midwest, Tunesquad players hail from Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Colorado, California, and Canada spanning all three divisions of the NCAA and the MCLA. Tunesquad carries with it an abundance of all conference awards and a couple collegiate championship appearances. 

The LOFers

Coach and Organizer:  Ted Baruch

Key Players:  Chris Bluse (University of Colorado/Chicago Machine), Alex Baruch (Denison, San Francisco Dragons), Justin Dunn (Goucher, 2x All America)

Team Preview:  The LOFers organizers and players from their Vail women’s and men’s teams, hosted/staffed their 18th Annual Warrior Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree in June of 2012. This year’s Jamboree may have set a world record for the most participants in any lacrosse event held over a single weekend with 443 teams competing. The Lacrosse Outreach Foundation is a grass roots, volunteer based non-profit that has been supporting lacrosse in Colorado since 1994. We are proud to have our LOFers Vail & Europe team sponsored by Rock-It Pocket.

Team Gutman

Organizer: Tom Petty

Team Preview:  This year, Team Gutman returns with its Middlebury packed roster. This affords them the advantage of instant team chemistry since most of the team has been playing with one another for many years at the Division III level.

True Lacrosse Club

Coaches and Organizers:  Ryan Covert

Key Players:   Patrick Moran (Defense, Le Moyne); Mark Bundra (Midfield, Providence); LC Moerschel (Midfield, Drexel)

Tem Preview: True Lacrosse is made up of coaches from around the True program as well as friends from college and the lacrosse community.  Our fan support for the women's tournament continues, with legendary sideline performance as well as stints in the coaching booth.  No more shirtless brave hearts are expected this year as the team looks to perform well and improve on their .500 performance from 2011.

Prestige Lacrosse Club

Coaches and Organizers:  Greg Sprenzel and John Sprenzel

Key Players:  Mike Fox (Mid, Ohio State,); Jesse Churchward (Defense, Towson); John Sprenzel (Goalie, University of St. Thomas)

Team Preview: Prestige Lacrosse Club is made up of post-collegiate players who have all played college club or NCAA level lacrosse. Most of our players grew up in the Midwest and continue to play/coach in the Midwest. This will be our second trip to Vail and it never gets boring. Look for Prestige to be fast in the midfield with a stout defense which is headed up by Jesse Churchward, James Miller and capped off with a strong goalie duo.  We would like to thank our sponsors:  Illinois Bone and Joint Institute and Installation Specialists Inc.

Eager Beavers

Team Preview: Formerly Team Awesome, the Beavers come to the 2012 Shootout looking to improve on last year’s 16th place finish. A mix of Colorado locals and others from across the country, they played several close contests last year and now with some Vail experience under their belt should find more success this year.

The Big Green Herd

: Ryan O'Connor, Brad Heritage

Key Players: Todd Heritage (A, Bucknell, 2014); Kyle Menendez (D, Stevenson, 2011); Jackson Place (D, Bucknell, 2014); Kip Dooley (A/M, Dartmouth, 2012), Mike Devine (M, Eastern Connecticut, 2014)

Team Preview:  The Big Green Herd [BGH], from where its name was derived, is made up of a strong contingent of current and former players from Dartmouth College and Bucknell University.  Beyond those hailing from those two institutes of higher education, the BGH is rounded out with a very strong group of players who have excelled at all levels of the game.  With an experienced and seasoned defense, led by savvy veterans Ryan O'Connor and Paul Stansik, and backstopped by netminder Mike Novosel, goals should be hard to come by against the Herd. 

Offensively, the BGH has very capable playmakers in attackmen Todd Heritage, Drew Tunney, and Ronjohn Dadd, while the presense of Nick Bonacci, Kip Dooley, Kevin Ryan, and Mike Devine from the midfield should put serious pressure on opposing defensive units. The BGH prides itself on making plays with hustle and camaraderie at the core of its approach.  We'd like to thank the event organizers for their tireless work in putting the Shootout together and our friends/family for their support.

FCA Lacrosse

Coaches:  Brian Hubbard and Drew Wardlow

Key Players:   Brendan Porter (Midfield, Rutgers, LXM Pro, 2010); Austin Geisler (Goalie, UVA, 2015); Kyle Denhoff (Midfield, St. John Fisher, 2012)

Team Preview:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes is made up from players from all over the country.  FCA Lacrosse vision is to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.  2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the first FCA Lacrosse Team to compete in the Vail Shootout

Balance Bar

Coaches/Organizers: Chris Linko (Lehigh), Andrew Margve (Lehigh), Audi Glass (Bishop’s), Ben Cowie (Vermont)

Key Players:  Ty Thompson, Eric Law, Chase Carraro

Team Preview:  Balance Bar is all about creating convenient and healthy foods that taste great and can be enjoyed while you do whatever it is you love to do.  It’s a busy world out there and we all need fuel to help us achieve our goals and better enjoy our active, on-the-go lives.  Balance strives to be there to help you, the athletes of life.  When stepping on the field Balance Bar is just what you need to OUTLAST the Opposition.  Visit us at

Crease Beavers

Coaches/Organizers: Dylan Gray Ritger, Tyler Ankarlo, Amy Ritger

Key Players: Sam Van Hook (Holy Cross, Goalie); Tom Gerwick (UMBC, Defenseman); Tyler Ankarlo (Chapman, Attack); Kyle O'Brien (Air Force, Midfielder) and Sander Aplet (University of Denver, Midfielder).

Team Preview:  The Crease Beavers are a young and exciting team with a strong Colorado connection.  The players are former Colorado high school lacrosse players who competed against each other in the high school season and then played together on the Denver Elite and other summer teams.  All are now freshman or sophomores playing college lacrosse at D1, D3, and club levels.  Seventeen of the Beavers are former Colorado All State Players.  The Crease Beavers would like to thank our sponsor StyLax, Laurel Krishock for our original artwork, and Amy Ritger for getting the team organized.

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tl Rules of Play tr

For the men's elite division we will play modified NCAA rules. These include details regarding shot clock, 2 point shots, game procedures, substitution, equipment, free play, and play-on method.

See the rules.doc for details.

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tl 2012 Tournament Dates tr
  The 2012 Vail Lacrosse Shootout, our 40th, will be mixing it up a bit from the recent divisional order. The tournament will run from Saturday, June 30th to Sunday, July 8th.

Men's Elite Division: July 1, 2, 3 & 4
    Men's Elite Bracket

Go here for further information and the divisional contacts.
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  Expected Teams for 2012 Shootout:

Men’s Elite Division: (21 teams):  Balance Bar, True Lacrosse, The Lofers, Team Gutman, Southern Combat Americans, Team Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear, Back Country Brewery, Warrior X, Denver City Lax, Tunesquad, Maverik, Brine Elite, Team One Jammin Salmon, Team Harrow, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Gin & Juice, Prestige Lacrosse Club, The Big Green Herd, Crease Beavers, Millennium Lacrosse Club, FCA.
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  2011 Men's Elite Champions: Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

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  Offensive MVP:
Kyle Wharton - #42 - Merrill Lynch/LacrosseWear - Johns Hopkins '11

Defensive MVP:
CJ Costabile - #9 - Merrill Lynch/LacrosseWear - Duke '12

David Emala - #5 - Chipolte - Georgetown '13
Kevin Hover - #71 - Team Sandy - Rutgers '12
Zack Howell - #21 - Merrill Lynch/LacrosseWear - Duke '11
Mark Matthews - #22 - Denver City Lax- Denver '12

Richard Buhr - #14 - Maverik Elite - Syracuse '14
Nick Maggio - #33 - Brine Elite - Merrimack '12
Alex Moore - #9 - Rocky Mountain Oysters/ - St. Lawrence '05
Jake Plunket - #8 - Merrill Lynch/LacrosseWear - Syracuse '05
John Ranagan - #18 - Maverik Elite - Johns Hopkins '13
Trever Sipperly - #20 - Team Merrill Lynch - Notre Dame/Bryant '11

Tucker Durkin - #51 - Merrill Lynch/LacrosseWear - Johns Hopkins '13
Brian Megill - #10 - Maverik Elite - Syracuse '13
Mason Poli - #11 - Merrill Lynch/LacrosseWear - Bryant '13
Will Wojciechowski - #47 - Team Sandy - Delaware '14

Niko Amato - #31 - Maverik Elite - Maryland '14
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