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tl 2009 Men's Elite Champions tr
Photo by Andy Sharp
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tl Men's Elite Results for Saturday tr

Championship - Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 11, Team 21-8 - scoresheet

In a battle of #1 and #2 Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear took down defending champion Team 21 to earn their first Vail Shootout championship.  Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear gained the lead on a two point goal from All-Tournament midfielder Jake Plonket (Syracuse) late in the first quarter and never trailed again.

The staunch defensive effort of Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear held the balanced Big Red offense at bay.  All Tournament long poles Tim Shaw (Virginia), Billy Haire (Bucknell), and Tom Izard (Bucknell) hounded the 21 offense all game.  All three were essential in keeping 21 off the board for a stretch that started at the end of the first quarter and ended when Team 21 was able to get on with 8:31 left in the third quarter.

Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear used their size and speed to dominate the possession game. They scooped up 43 ground balls and won 18 face offs, in contrast Team 21 got 19 ground balls and 4 draws.  The game was extremely well played by both teams as there were only two thirty second penalties in the entire game.

Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear all tournament attackmen Tim Desko (Syracuse) finished with four goals and totaled nine goals and three assists for the tournament.  Tournament Offensive Most Valuable Player Steve Giannone (Virginia) tallied two goals and one assist, he totaled thirteen goals and three assists en route to the championship.

Tournament Defensive Most Valuable Player, Chris Madalon (North Carolina) finished with six saves in his half of play.  Madalon made several great stops throughout the tournament, and was the second half anchor for the champions.  Matt Madalon (Roanoke) also made six stops in the Championship game during his half of play.  For team 21 A.J. Fiore (Cornell) finished with fourteen saves and also played well throughout the tournament.

Rocco Romero (Cornell) was also an all tournament selection and finished with one goal and two assists for 21.  Bobby Magrin (Herkimer) had a hat trick and that included a laser of a shot that pinged the top corner.

Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear was the slight favorite going into the game, and verified they were better team in the 37th edition of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout.

All Tournament Team

Alex Capretta – Olympic Club
Kip Dooley – Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon
Pete Carrol – Last Call
Tim Desko – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

Jake Plonket – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
Rocco Romero – Team 21
Adam Goodwin – Club All Stars
Steve Giannone – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

Greg Guerenlian - Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

Long Stick Middie:
Tim Shaw – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

Paul Starwick – Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon
Billy Haire – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
Tom Izard – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
Tim Deblois – Team 21

Billy Olin – Last Call

Tournament Awards:
Offensive MVP: Steve Giannone – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
Defensive MVP:  Chris Madalon – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
Coach of the Year: Paul Landaiche – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear
Earl Bill Staff Award: Sean Byrne and Julie Sutherland

Sunday's Scores:

Championship Bracket:
Championship - Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 11, Team 21 8 - scoresheet
3nd Place:  Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon7, Last Call 5 - scoresheet
5th Place: Brine Elite 9, Collared Greens 7 - scoresheet
7th Place: Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters 12, Club All-Stars 3 - scoresheet

Consolation Bracket:
Championship: Olympic Club 10, Baltimore Crabs 7 - scoresheet
11th Place: Team Chipotle 9, Team Gutman 7 - scoresheet
13th Place: Team 5280/Tap Room 4, Victorious Secret 2 - scoresheet
15th Place: The Loafers 7, Vendetta’s 4 - scoresheet

Round Robin Bracket:
Pond Hoppers 16, Dunn Financial 14 - scoresheet
Staff Infection 9, Lax Zone Miami 3 - scoresheet

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tl Men's Elite Results for Saturday tr

Semi-Final 1

Team 21 13, Last Call 9 - scoresheet
Team 21 defeated Last call to return to the championship game and a chance to repeat for the Championship.  They were paced by Colorado native Rocco Romero (Cornell) who scored four goals and three of 21’s last four goals to help them pull away late in the game.  21 used another solid team effort to come back from a slow start as the trailed 3-0 in the first quarter.

The excellent effort of the 21 defense led by close defensemen Tim Deblois and Todd Olson stymied the Canadians of Last Call.  21 goalie, A.J. Fiore (Cornell) , fresh from playing in the Under-Armor High School All-America Game, played well and finished with 9 saves.

Team 21 plays an excellent brand of team offense, with eight different goal scores. Derek Haswell (Cornell) and Geroge Calvert (Cornell) finished with two goals each and Bobby Magrin (Herkimer) played well and finished with a goal. 

For Last Call Pete Carroll (St. Lawrence) was a feeding machine assisting four goals and Stephen Keogh (Syracuse) score three goals.

Semi-Final 2

Merrill Lynch 16, Jammin’ Salmon 7 - scoresheet
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear outscored the Jammin’ Salmon 10-3 in the second half wining the second semi-final of the day. In contrast to Team 21, Merrill Lynch used good individual efforts to win the game. Steve Giannone (Virginia) put home five goals, Jake Plunket and Tim Desko both tallied three goals on the day.

Wearing their traditional pink ribbons on their jersey to support the search for the cure or breast cancer, Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear played the possession game well. They cleared the ball effectively, going 18 for 21 and winning 11 of 15 second half face-offs.

Kip Dooley had three goals and one assist leading Jammin’ Salmon.

Other Championship Bracket Games:
Collared Greens 11, Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters 7 - scoresheet
Brine Elite defeated Club All-Stars - scoresheet

Consolation Bracket:
Semifinal #1:  Baltimore Crabs 10,  Team Chipotle 9 - scoresheet
Semifinal #2:  Olympic Club 11,  Team Gutman 7 - scoresheet

Other Consolation Bracket Games:
Victorious Secret 16, Lofers 7 - scoresheet
Team 5280/Tap Room 11, Vendetta’s 6 – Rain Delayed - scoresheet

Round Robin Games:
Lax Zone Miami Defeated Pond Hoppers - scoresheet
Dunn Financial Defeated  83 ½ Lacrosse - scoresheet

Sunday’s Games

Championship Bracket:
Championship - Team 21 vs. Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear – 1:00 pm Ford Field
3nd Place:  Last Call vs. Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon – 10:30 pm Edwards Turf
5th Place: Brine Elite  vs. Collared Greens – 12:00 pm – Edwards Turf
7th Place: Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters vs. Club All-Stars – 9:00 am Edwards Turf

Consolation Bracket:
Championship:  Baltimore Crabs vs.  Olympic Club– 9:00 am Ford Field
11th Place: Team Chipotle vs. Team Gutman – 10:30 am Edwards Grass
13th Place Team 5280/Tap Room vs. Victorious Secret – 12:00 pm Edwards Grass
Vendetta’s vs. The Loafers – 9:00 am Edwards Grass

Round Robin Bracket:
Dunn Financial vs. Pond Hoppers – 10:00 am Battle Mountain
Lax Zone Miami vs. 83 ½ Lacrosse Staff Team – 12:00 pm Battle Mountain

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tl Men's Elite Results for Friday tr

Friday morning’s quarterfinal games saw Last Call take down the Collared Greens 11-6 in the early game and Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear defeat Brine Elite 11-7 in the second affair. Team 21 led by four with a couple minutes remaining before a major rain storm swept through Vail and delayed the conclusion.  Team 21 held on to win 9-7 and give themselves another shot at a repeat championship at the Shootout.

Tomorrow’s semifinals will feature four teams who have been here before.  The Jammin’ Salmon haven’t won since 2004, while 2005’s champs, Last Call will take on 2008’s champ Team 21.  The only team that hasn’t won before is Merrill Lynch, who have been close for the past couple of years.  Team 21’s game against Last Call should be a great one tomorrow.

Championship Bracket Quarterfinals:
Team 21 9, Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters 7 - scoresheet
Last Call 11, Collared Greens 7 - scoresheet
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 11, Brine Elite 7 - scoresheet
Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon 11, Club All-Stars 7 - scoresheet

Consolation Bracket Quarterfinals:
Baltimore Crabs 9, Victorious Secret 8 (ot) - scoresheet
Team Chipotle 15, The Lofers 5 - scoresheet
Olympic Club 18, Vendetta’s 11 - scoresheet
Team Gutman 13, Team 5280/Tap Room 6 - scoresheet

Round-Robin Consolation:
Dunn Financial 12, Lax Zone Miami 10 - scoresheet
83 ½ Lacrosse 10, Pond Hoppers 7 - scoresheet

Saturday Games

Championship Bracket:
Semifinal #1:  Team 21 vs. Last Call – 11:00 am Ford Field
Semifinal #2:  Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon – 1:00 pm Ford Field
Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters vs. Collared Greens – 9:00 am - Battle Mountain HS
Brine Elite vs. Club All-Stars – 3:00 pm Ford Field

Consolation Bracket:
Semifinal #1:  Baltimore Crabs vs. Team Chipotle – 11:00 am Edwards Turf
Semifinal #2:  Olympic Club vs. Team Gutman – 1:00 pm Edwards Turf
The Lofers vs. Victorious Secret – 9:00 am Edwards Turf
Vendetta’s vs. Team 5280/Tap Room – 3:00 pm Edwards Turf

Round Robin Bracket:
Lax Zone Miami vs. Pond Hoppers – 10:00 am Edwards Grass
Dunn Financial vs. 83 ½ Lacrosse – 12:00 pm Edwards Grass

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tl Men's Elite Results for Thursday tr

Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters weren’t exactly supposed to lose the game to the Baltimore Crabs today, but they did surprise some people with their victory.  As the game wore on, it became apparent that their veteran roster just had more in the tank than their young counterparts across the sideline.  The Collared Greens upset the Lofers to move into the Championship bracket as well with a 12-10 win.  Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear, Team 21, Last Call, Brine Elite, Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon and the Club All-Stars all had comfortable victories. 

Tomorrow’s quarterfinals should feature some excellent games.  Look for Team 21 vs. Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters to be the game of the day on Ford Field at 1:00 pm.  Collared Greens will have their hands full in the 9:00 am game against Last Call and Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear can’t look past Brine Elite, who have moved into the Championship bracket for the first time.  The 3:00 pm game will feature the strong Club All-Stars team taking on perennial tournament stalwart Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon.

Thursday Results:

Play-In Games:
Victorious Secret 14, Dunn Financial 9 - scoresheet
Team Chipotle 15, 83 ½ Lacrosse 5 - scoresheet
Olympic Club 12, Lax Zone Miami 6 - scoresheet
Team Gutman 18, Pond Hoppers 15 - scoresheet

Round 1:
Team 21 17, Victorious Secret 3 - scoresheet
Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters 15, Baltimore Crabs 13 - scoresheet
Collared Greens 12, The Lofers 10 - scoresheet
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 20, Olympic Club 4 - scoresheet
Brine Elite 18, Vendetta’s 6 - scoresheet
Club All-Stars 16, 5280/Tap Room 5 - scoresheet
Last Call 13, Team Chipotle 6 - scoresheet
Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon 14, Team Gutman 9 - scoresheet

Friday Games:

Championship Bracket Quarterfinals:
Team 21 vs. Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters – 1:00 pm Ford Field
Collared Greens vs. Last Call – 9:00 am Ford Field
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Brine Elite – 11:00 am Ford Field
Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Club All-Stars – 3:00 pm Ford Field

Consolation Bracket Quarterfinals:
Victorious Secret vs. Baltimore Crabs – 1:00 pm Edwards Turf
The Lofers vs. Team Chipotle – 9:00 am Edwards Turf
Olympic Club vs. Vendetta’s – 11:00 am Edwards Turf
Team 5280/Tap Room vs. Team Gutman – 3:00 pm Edwards Turf

Round Robin Bracket:
Dunn Financial vs. Lax Zone Miami – 10:00 am Edwards Grass
83 ½ Lacrosse vs. Pond Hoppers – 12:00 pm Edwards Grass

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tl Men's Elite Rosters tr
View the Men's Elite Rosters

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tl Day 1 Schedule tr

Game 1 – 9:00 AM – Ford Field:  Dunn Financial vs. Victorious Secret (winner to Game 6)
Game 2 – 9:00 AM – Edwards Turf:  The Heddy Bears vs. Collared Greens (winner to Game 8)
Game 3 – 9:00 AM – Edwards Turf:  Team Chipotle vs. 83 ½ Lacrosse (winner to Game 9)
Game 4 – 9:00 AM – Athletic Field:  Olympic Club vs. Lax Zone Miami (winner to Game 10)
Game 5 – 11:00 AM – Athletic Field:  Team Gutman vs. Pond Hoppers (winner to Game 12)
Game 6 – 1:00 PM – Ford Field:  Team 21 vs. Victorious Secret
Game 7 – 3:00 PM - Ford Field:  Conifer Water/Rocky Mountain Oysters vs. Baltimore Crabs
Game 8 – 1:00 PM – Edwards Turf:  The Lofers vs. Collared Greens
Game 9 – 3:00 PM – Edwards Turf:  Last Call vs. Team Chipotle
Game 10 – 1:00 PM – Athletic Field:  Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Olympic Club
Game 11 – 11:00 AM – Edwards Turf:  Brine Elite vs. Vendetta’s
Game 12 – 3:00 PM – Athletic Field:  Lacrossewear’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Team Gutman
Game 13 – 11:00 AM – Ford Field:  Club All-Stars vs. 5280/Tap Room

See Bracket/Schedule in the upper left for full schedule. Note the updated schedule as of 6/30.
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