Women's Elite

2004 Tournament

 ·Thursday 7/3
 ·Friday 7/4
 ·Saturday 7/5
 ·Sunday 7/6
 ·Behind the Back
 ·Team Harrow
 ·Last Call
 ·Team Ohio
 ·Team Simeons
 ·Special Brew
 ·Team Texas
 ·Weakest Link

Web Team
Andy Sharp
Alex Smith
Tahlia Naumburg

The Gotham Women's Lacrosse is sponsored by the Gotham Women's Lacrosse Club of New York City. Check us out at www.gothamwomenslacrosse.org. We have 8 players from the big city and some extra troops from Seattle, yet another metropolis. Several of our players are veterans of the Vail Shootout but this is the first year Gotham has been involved. We hope to post a good finish and if we don't, we will place the blame on the shoulders of our great coach, Paul Ramsey. Good Luck ,Pau1! Hopefully though we can improve with each game and really leave Vail a stronger group of lax players. Oh yeah lest we forget, we are also really looking forward to the partying!
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