2003 Masters

2004 Tournament

 ·Sunday, 6/29
 ·Monday, 6/30
 ·Tuesday, 7/1

 ·Team Mac
 ·Over the Hill
 ·Play It Again Sports
 ·Rock-It Pocket
 ·Rusty Red
 ·Team Viagra

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Andy Sharp
Alex Smith
Tahlia Naumburg
Results from Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Masters Final Round

Rusty Red 9, Rock-it Pocket 3 (1st place)
Tempers flared almost immediately when these teams met for the gold. Trash talking, whining about calls, and curses were abundant as Rusty Red outdid RIP for the championship. Both teams played quite well despite the temper tantrums.

Play-it Again Sports 18, Team Viagra 6 (3rd place)
Viagra just couldn't match the scoring prowess of the PIAS squad. PIAS' off ball movement and over offense was too much.

Middlebury 15, Bulldogs 8 (5th place)
Close game through the first. Mid started to pull away in the second and brought the hammer down in the fourth when they scored three goals in 54 seconds to take a 13-7 lead and effectively end the game.

Team MAC 9, Over With Hill 5
MAC exploded for six second quarter goals to distance themselves from the undermanned OWH team.

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