2003 High School Boys

2004 Tournament

 ·Sat 6/28
 ·Sun 6/29
 ·Mon 6/30
 ·Tue 7/1
 ·Sat 6/28

 ·New England
 ·Orange County
 ·San Diego

Web Team
Andy Sharp
Alex Smith
Tahlia Naumburg
2003 Champions: Colorado

2003 All-Tournament Team
2003 All Tournament Team

Attack: #1 Scott Dunn (Tristate), #7 David Barocas (Colorado), #16 Cam Howard (Delaware)

Midfield: #19 George Granelli (Norcal), #22 Eric Webber (Colorado), #28 Jon Gillis (Ohio)

LS Midfield: #21 Boomer Repko (New England)

Defense: #6 Chris Corona (Southeast), #25 Justin Palmer (Colorado), #33 Jeff Schneider (Ohio)

Goalie: #6 John Hunt (Gateway)

Face Off: #15 Matt Kellman (New England)

Coach: Chris Parsons (Colorado)

M.V.P: #8 Phil Blevans (Hurricanes)

Entering its ninth year, the High School Boys Showcase has one, marked constant. Team Ohio is the team to beat. Ohio has won five championships and is always strong. Once again, teams representing all areas of the United States join Ohio. In addition, this year, we are fortunate to have the Edmonton Miners joining Calgary Field Lacrosse from Alberta, Canada in this division, as well.

Team New England, Team Colorado, Tri-State (centered in New Jersey) and the Hurricanes (Annapolis, Maryland) are expected to challenge Ohio. Team Gateway (Missouri), Team Delaware, the Southeast All Stars, Team Utah and San Diego are always competitive and improving yearly. The two Canadian teams and Orange County are this year's mysteries. Expect them to influence the high school boys divisions outcome.

Dates of Play
Saturday - June 28, 2003: Conference Play
Sunday - June 29, 2003: First Round Games
Monday - June 30, 2003: Semi-Final Games
Tuesday - July 1, 2003: Championship and Consolation Games
High School Boy's Brackets

Saturday's A & B conference games are held at the Ford Fields of Vail and the C & D conference games are held at the Avon Fields. Most Division I games are held at Avon 1 while Division II games are held at the Avon 2 Field.


Conference A
New England
Team Utah
San Diego

Conference B
Orange County

Conference C
Team Colorado
Team Delaware

Conference D
Team Ohio

Game Formats
Each team plays its conference members on Saturday, June 28. The games are 20 minute running halves with a 5 minute half time for Conferences A and B; 30 minute running halves with a 5 minute half time for Conferences C and D. The clock will stop the last one minute of the game. One time out per half is permitted. Overtime periods are four minutes. All other rules are NFHS rules.

Teams are seeded into two brackets–Division I and Division II– for continued play. The top two teams of each conference play in Division I, the others in the conference play in Division II. All games are 12 minute stop time using NFHS rules, including the 10-second rule.

All Players must be members of US Lacrosse. Players may contact US Lacrosse before the tournament to make this as easy as possible. US Lax representatives will be on-hand to check in teams to ensure that all are current members. You may renew or join at: US Lacrosse

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