Men's Elite

2004 Tournament

Rules of Play

 ·Thursday 7/3
 ·Friday 7/4
 ·Saturday 7/5
 ·Sunday 7/6
 ·Bullets Lacrosse
 ·Team Dulles
 ·Team Fubar
 ·Team Guttman
 ·Harrow Team
 ·Team Merrill Lynch
 ·NW Jammin' Salmon
 ·Team Orvis
 ·QC Lax
 ·Rock-It Pocket
 ·Rocky Mountain
 ·Team Warrior
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Andy Sharp
Alex Smith
Tahlia Naumburg

2003 Champions: Harrow Team Colorado

All-Tournament Team

Kyle Barrie - GMH - #19
Devan Spilkar - Merrill Lynch - #15
Brian Nee - Mercury - #5

Bill Edell - Harrow Team Colorado - #21
Bobby Horsey - GMH - #44
Mike Law - Warrior - #3

Face-off Midfielder:
Justin Berry - Jammin' Salmon - #1

Long-Stick Midfielder:
Owen Corso - GMH - #0

Chris Passavia - Mercury - #4
Brett Hughes - Mercury - #14
Jed Raymond - Guttman - #27

Rob Scherr - Dulles - #23

Coach of the Tornament:
Keith Mecca - GMH

Overall Most Valuable Player:
Kyle Barrie - GMH - #19

Final Vail 2003 Team Rankings:
1. Harrow Team Colorado
2. GMH
3. Jammin' Salmon
4. Mercury
5. Team Guttman
6. Rock-it Pocket
7. Warrior
8. Dulles
9. Merrill Lynch
10. Fubar
11. Rocky Mountain Oysters
12. Bullets
13. MCLC
14. Orvis
16. QC Lax

Scoring Leaders for Entire Tournament:
1. Devan Spilker - Merrill Lynch - 23g, 7a - 30 points
2. Luke Gilbert - Merrill Lynch - 12g, 5a - 17
3. Bill Edell - Harrow Team Colorado - 14g, 2a - 16
4. Lance Vitt - Rock-it Pocket - 15g - 15
T5. Kyle Barrie - GMH - 10g, 3a - 13
T5. Steve Govett - Warrior - 10g, 3a - 13


This year's version of the Elite Men's Division may be in the running for the zaniest group award during the 4th of July parade down the streets of Vail. Despite the colorful nature of the mix, some quality lacrosse will explode on Ford Field over the holiday. The Jammin' Salmon lost in the finals to MAB Paints after a great run and returns as the favorite. Unfortunately the Paints will not return to defend their championship. They will certainly be missed. GMH fills the Philly-based spot.

New entries Team Warrior and Bullets Lacrosse will provide new blood. The old Under Armour (now Mercury) squad changed its name to protect the guilty. Team Dulles, FKA, Team Madlax, has calmed down, the Southeast Allstars invested more as Team Merrill Lynch and the Old "Club" went Fubar.

Dark Horses are the local teams, Harrow Team Colorado in the third seed, the consolation champions from last year, Rocky Mountain Oysters, and CSU based Rock-it Pocket.

Dates of Play
Thursday - July 3, 2003: Opening Round Games
Friday - July 4, 2003: Second Round Games
Saturday - July 5, 2003: Semi-Final Games
Sunday - July 6, 2003: Championship and Consolation Games
Men's Elite Brackets

Games on each day are held at Ford Field and Edwards Field with the winning games primarily held at Ford Field, just east of downtown Vail, and the consolation games primarily held at Edwards Field. Sunday's championship games are held at Ford Field.

Rules of Play
In the Elite Division of the Vail Shootout the rules are modified from the 2001 NCAA Lacrosse Men's Rules. View Rules

All Players must be members of US Lacrosse. Players may contact US Lacrosse before the tournament to make this as easy as possible. US Lax representatives will be on-hand to check in teams to ensure that all are current members. You may renew or join at: US Lacrosse

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