2002 Men's Elite

 ·by Keith Maynard
 ·Thursday, 7/4
 ·Friday, 7/5
 ·Saturday, 7/6
 ·Sunday, 7/7
Rules of Play

 ·LaxWorld Ohio
 ·MAB Paints
 ·NW Jammin'
 ·QC Lax
 ·RMILL All-Stars
 ·Rocky Mountain
 ·Smith Optics
 ·Southeast All-Stars
 ·The Tap Room /
 ·The Club
 ·Under Armour

Vail Lacrosse Shootout
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Content: Matt Peterson
Design: Andy Sharp

Justin D. Everett
Coaching Resume: No Coaching experience
Top 3 Players:
1) Danny Metoyer, M, Chapman '05, A/A '01, All WCLL 2nd Team '02
2) Justin Ronayne, A, Cortland '96, A/A 1st Team '96, A/Super 6 Conf. 1st T'96
3) Ford Kimball, D, Brown '95
Statement: We would like to thank our sponsors, The Tap Room (The Best Bar in Vail-Period!), located at the top of Bridge Street above the Polar Revolution bike shop. We would also like to thank LacrosseGiant.com and encourage you to access LacrosseGiant.com for your personal and team equipment needs. Our goal is to showcase the WCLL, while augmenting the team with players from Colorado and the East Coast. The team is a core of Chapman University players from past and present, with the University of Colorado, Drexel, and St. Mary's (MD) well represented. The team has vastly improved from the 2001 Vail Lacrosse Shootout, and we will be very competitive. Please join us at the Tap Room for food and cocktails every night this week.