2002 Men's Elite

 ·by Keith Maynard
 ·Thursday, 7/4
 ·Friday, 7/5
 ·Saturday, 7/6
 ·Sunday, 7/7
Rules of Play

 ·LaxWorld Ohio
 ·MAB Paints
 ·NW Jammin'
 ·QC Lax
 ·RMILL All-Stars
 ·Rocky Mountain
 ·Smith Optics
 ·Southeast All-Stars
 ·The Tap Room /
 ·The Club
 ·Under Armour

Vail Lacrosse Shootout
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Max Caulkins and Ryan Martin
Coaching Resume: Caulkins-Former Assistant Coach, Colorado College, youth coach, Redhawks, Creek Indians, Cook Park; Martin-Former Assistant coach, Trinity College and University of Denver
Top 3 Players:
1) Cory Vann , D, U. of Denver '04, All-GWLL, 1st Team,Team MVP, Scholar/ Athlete of the Year
2) Matt Coughlin, A, Ohio Wesleyan '02, NCAC MVP, '02, A/A, Hon. Ment. '02, North/South. '02
3) Tom Ethington, D, U. of Denver '02, North/South, '02.,Team Def. MVP
Statement: Team Colorado is excited to have the opportunity to represent our host state with dignity, honor, sportsmanship and the highest level of lacrosse our state has to offer. With a mix of savvy veterans like John Burstein, Jesse Yuran and Bart Bansbach along with a stable of young guns, Team Colorado hopes to excel in the finest lacrosse tournament in the world. We can only do so thanks to our sponsors including Harrow Sports, Bark at the Moon Productions, Zaidy's Deli, Terry Claassen and Breakaway Sports.