2002 Men's Elite

 ·by Keith Maynard
 ·Thursday, 7/4
 ·Friday, 7/5
 ·Saturday, 7/6
 ·Sunday, 7/7
Rules of Play

 ·LaxWorld Ohio
 ·MAB Paints
 ·NW Jammin'
 ·QC Lax
 ·RMILL All-Stars
 ·Rocky Mountain
 ·Smith Optics
 ·Southeast All-Stars
 ·The Tap Room /
 ·The Club
 ·Under Armour

Vail Lacrosse Shootout
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Results from Sunday, July 7, 2002

Championship Game: MAB Paints 14, NW Jammin' Salmon 6

3rd Place Game: Colorado 8, Under Armour 4

5th Place Game: Gutman ?, MadLax ?

7th Place Game: Rock-It Pocket ?, Lax World ?

9th Place Game: Oysters 11, Smith 7

11th Place Game: Tap Room ?, Club ?

13th Place Game: Orvis ?, (QCLax or RMILL) ?

15th Place Game: SE All-Stars ?, (QCLax or RMILL) ?

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